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YouTube channels are sorted by number of subscribers they got during the last 24 hours.

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 Rank  Channel | |
  Gtamen     Gtamen  Netherlands
  Walnut     Walnut  Netherlands
  aWiibo     aWiibo  Netherlands
  Cas and Chary VR     Cas and Chary VR  Netherlands
  The Last Bacon     The Last Bacon  Netherlands
  Get Indie Gaming     Get Indie Gaming  Netherlands
  MSWindowsinside     MSWindowsinside  Netherlands
  KnijnSpeelt     KnijnSpeelt  Netherlands
  How Big is the Map?     How Big is the Map?  Netherlands
  Sebas de Jong     Sebas de Jong  Netherlands
  Daveyx3     Daveyx3  Netherlands
  Chromez     Chromez  Netherlands
  Minkey     Minkey  Netherlands
  Freyr     Freyr  Netherlands
  Wooden Plank Studios     Wooden Plank Studios  Netherlands
  JStrIkeR Memories     JStrIkeR Memories  Netherlands
  BillOfficial: Hamtaro     BillOfficial: Hamtaro  Netherlands
  WhatTheHai     WhatTheHai  Netherlands
  Warface     Warface  Netherlands
  Nidalevi     Nidalevi  Netherlands
  Simployed     Simployed  Netherlands
  PeysPlays     PeysPlays  Netherlands
  Lekker spelen     Lekker spelen  Netherlands
  Jesper the End     Jesper the End  Netherlands
  DerpishGamer     DerpishGamer  Netherlands
  LuckyLukeTF2     LuckyLukeTF2  Netherlands
  MrSmartDonkeyLP     MrSmartDonkeyLP  Netherlands
  ZuRi     ZuRi  Netherlands
  M1NDR     M1NDR  Netherlands
  NiMu-11     NiMu-11  Netherlands
  VonoxNL     VonoxNL  Netherlands
  Travingel     Travingel  Netherlands
  HD FL     HD FL  Netherlands
  SverreMaeren     SverreMaeren  Netherlands
  Fresonis     Fresonis  Netherlands
  PrinceVidz     PrinceVidz  Netherlands
  Vlekkeloos     Vlekkeloos  Netherlands
  Mentally     Mentally  Netherlands
  Jessy Knijn     Jessy Knijn  Netherlands
  StefPlays     StefPlays  Netherlands
  Proper Bird     Proper Bird  Netherlands
  WeedsePoentah - Clash     WeedsePoentah - Clash  Netherlands
  StarPlays     StarPlays  Netherlands
  ITSROB     ITSROB  Netherlands
  Helboy - Top Players     Helboy - Top Players  Netherlands
  Koen Weijland     Koen Weijland  Netherlands
  Moonster     Moonster  Netherlands