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  Chris Rogers     Chris Rogers  South Africa
  Pastor Alph Lukau     Pastor Alph Lukau  South Africa
  DJ Arch Jnr     DJ Arch Jnr  South Africa
  Boomerang Africa     Boomerang Africa  South Africa
  Africa Adventures     Africa Adventures  South Africa
  Kruger Sightings     Kruger Sightings  South Africa
  ETV     ETV  South Africa
  SABC Digital News     SABC Digital News  South Africa
  Zeus Studios     Zeus Studios  South Africa
  90 Second IQ Boosters     90 Second IQ Boosters  South Africa
  Liezl Jayne Strydom     Liezl Jayne Strydom  South Africa
  Cartoon Network Africa     Cartoon Network Africa  South Africa
  Disney Channel Africa     Disney Channel Africa  South Africa
  DLM Model Lifestyle     DLM Model Lifestyle  South Africa
  Cream Puff     Cream Puff  South Africa
  Caitlin De Ville     Caitlin De Ville  South Africa
  ZTV Tz     ZTV Tz  South Africa
  Pastor Alph LUKAU     Pastor Alph LUKAU  South Africa
  Rob The Ranger Wildlife     Rob The Ranger Wildlife  South Africa
  eNCA     eNCA  South Africa
  michael jamison     michael jamison  South Africa
  Evangelist Gabriel     Evangelist Gabriel  South Africa
  Spirittunez     Spirittunez  South Africa
  Alan Tours     Alan Tours  South Africa
  AirArmsHuntingSA     AirArmsHuntingSA  South Africa
  Just Nirjon Hasan     Just Nirjon Hasan  South Africa
  TheSupaStrikas     TheSupaStrikas  South Africa
  Max AnimeLover     Max AnimeLover  South Africa
  you belong     you belong  South Africa
  Ubuhle Bemvelo     Ubuhle Bemvelo  South Africa
  News24     News24  South Africa
  SABC Education Shows     SABC Education Shows  South Africa
  Lasizwe Dambuza     Lasizwe Dambuza  South Africa
  Matthew Mole     Matthew Mole  South Africa
  Nasty_C SA     Nasty_C SA  South Africa
  Deborah Lukalu TV     Deborah Lukalu TV  South Africa
  Hayls World     Hayls World  South Africa
  Willem Petzer     Willem Petzer  South Africa
  RedLive     RedLive  South Africa
  Mpoomy Ledwaba     Mpoomy Ledwaba  South Africa
  Moz News     Moz News  South Africa
  Wazifa In Urdu     Wazifa In Urdu  South Africa
  Lindie Botes     Lindie Botes  South Africa
  Mziiki     Mziiki  South Africa
  Kruger National Park     Kruger National Park  South Africa
  Kinpatsu     Kinpatsu  South Africa
  My Africa     My Africa  South Africa


South Africa South Africa - Most Popular YouTube Videos

YouTube videos that got maximum number of views during the last 24 hours.

Scandal! Ep 3220 - 22/1/2019
Skeem Saam 7 - Eps 141
Muvhango 20 - Eps 9 (21 Jan 2019)
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Zimbabwe apparently just became a Russian Colony
John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum (2019 Movie) Official Trailer – Keanu Reeves, Halle Berry
Jo Black - Voel Jy Die Genade
Mokonyane says her rights have been “violated” by Agrizzi revelations
The state capture inquiry continues
TRUE LOVE (Mark Angel Comedy) (Episode 191)
Game of Thrones | Season 8 | Official Tease: Crypts of Winterfell (HBO)
SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME - Official Teaser Trailer
Isidingo 21 - Episode 221
Dr Phil VS teen *DESTROYED by facts and logic*
8 ‘Fear Factor’ Teams Prepared To Drown For $50K | MTV Ranked
Model Rocket Battle 2 | Dude Perfect
WATCH: Bosasa and #StateCapture | Here's what you need to know...
Chris Brown - Undecided (Official Video)
Awaken (ft. Valerie Broussard) | League of Legends Cinematic - Season 2019
Absa Premiership 2018/19 | AmaZulu vs Kaizer Chiefs
Trump Is the World’s Worst Spy & 2020 Democratic Candidates Emerge | The Daily Show
Baking My Palette into a Cake
9 Weird Ways To Sneak Barbie Dolls Into Class / Clever Barbie Hacks And LOL Surprise Hacks
Darcy Oake: Illusionist Defies Gravity Making Heidi Klum Float - America's Got Talent: The Champions
Mixing $10,000 of Slime Challenge & Learn How To Make A Pool of Diy Giant Mystery Slime
king monada malwedhe vs master kg skeleton move
No One Likes Trump's Latest Shutdown Offer: A Closer Look
Finn Bálor stands up to Brock Lesnar, Braun Strowman and Mr. McMahon: Raw, Jan. 21, 2019
This Will Upset You | South Africa (2019)
George Lebese To Return To Kaizer Chiefs
Choosing a Name for Our Baby Sister!
Cold As Balls All-Stars | Ronda Rousey Takes No BS | Laugh Out Loud Network
Sam Smith, Normani - Dancing With A Stranger (Official Audio)
Has Robert Mueller Got Donald Trump's Back? | The Daily Show with Trevor Noah
Gesaffelstein & The Weeknd - Lost in the Fire (Official Video)
Kid Tini - Cinga (Official Music Video)
CIC Julius Malema on the resignation of the Mayor of Tshwane, Solly Msimang
A Secret Celebrity Shows Off Their Moves in 'The Masked Dancer'
Secrets are out – The River
Brave Boys Found Three Baby Wild Dog Home In The Cave That Lose Their Mum How to Feed Wild Dogs
Try Not To Laugh SataFrika: Bundle of Joy Zenu ft Random Funny SataFrikans
Gillette's 'We believe: the best men can be' razors commercial takes on toxic masculinity
The ULTIMATE Powerhouse Sleeper PC