Afghanistan - Most Subscribed YouTube Channels - Today

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YouTube channels are sorted by number of subscribers they got during the last 24 hours.

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 Rank  Channel | |
  Ayurved Health Tips 4 U     Ayurved Health Tips 4 U  Afghanistan
  Shaadi HaHa     Shaadi HaHa  Afghanistan
  الليلة ويه دعدوش     الليلة ويه دعدوش  Afghanistan
  2019 NIGERIAN Movies     2019 NIGERIAN Movies  Afghanistan
  Latest Trending Films     Latest Trending Films  Afghanistan
  7StarStudio     7StarStudio  Afghanistan
  HumanaMente     HumanaMente  Afghanistan
  IFILM2     IFILM2  Afghanistan
  donia Cricket     donia Cricket  Afghanistan
  ChesscomNews     ChesscomNews  Afghanistan
  Ethnobeast     Ethnobeast  Afghanistan
  Mister M em Português     Mister M em Português  Afghanistan
  win081     win081  Afghanistan
  MBC The Wall     MBC The Wall  Afghanistan
  Moubd     Moubd  Afghanistan
  WATAN HD TV     WATAN HD TV  Afghanistan
  Mahesh Adhikari     Mahesh Adhikari  Afghanistan
  Green Swag     Green Swag  Afghanistan
  MeTube Sinema Komedi     MeTube Sinema Komedi  Afghanistan
  Sahara Flash Official     Sahara Flash Official  Afghanistan
  kandahar mili     kandahar mili  Afghanistan
  NollyCrystal     NollyCrystal  Afghanistan
  AWD STUDIO     AWD STUDIO  Afghanistan
  DJ Rajesh Lalbegiya     DJ Rajesh Lalbegiya  Afghanistan
  Shashi Bhabhi Hot     Shashi Bhabhi Hot  Afghanistan
  Afghanistan TV     Afghanistan TV  Afghanistan
  Shabana Bhabhi Hot     Shabana Bhabhi Hot  Afghanistan
  Movies At 12Noon     Movies At 12Noon  Afghanistan
  Francisco Mayorga     Francisco Mayorga  Afghanistan
  Emal Zaki     Emal Zaki  Afghanistan
  Vidio Bokep Memek Basah     Vidio Bokep Memek Basah  Afghanistan
  BluexThunder BXTS     BluexThunder BXTS  Afghanistan
  Maulik     Maulik  Afghanistan
  AMGAMO     AMGAMO  Afghanistan
  ٍERTV     ٍERTV  Afghanistan
  Ahmadzai Mirwais     Ahmadzai Mirwais  Afghanistan
  ghaleb safi     ghaleb safi  Afghanistan
  Adi Jee     Adi Jee  Afghanistan
  jawid khederi     jawid khederi  Afghanistan
  GTV Live     GTV Live  Afghanistan
  Ezat Darman     Ezat Darman  Afghanistan
  LiamPayneVEVO     LiamPayneVEVO  Afghanistan
  سامي رجل - Fireman Sam     سامي رجل - Fireman Sam  Afghanistan
  rogueamp     rogueamp  Afghanistan
  Bystrzak TV     Bystrzak TV  Afghanistan
  Ryan Hansen Solves     Ryan Hansen Solves  Afghanistan
  Bluejay5678     Bluejay5678  Afghanistan