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 Rank  Channel | |
  AzzyLand     AzzyLand  Canada
  SAS-ASMR     SAS-ASMR  Canada
  Awesome Kids Toys     Awesome Kids Toys  Canada
  What If     What If  Canada
  Super Simple Songs -     Super Simple Songs -  Canada
  Little Angel: Nursery     Little Angel: Nursery  Canada
  Lew Later     Lew Later  Canada
  HZHtube Kids Fun     HZHtube Kids Fun  Canada
  ExplodingTNT     ExplodingTNT  Canada
  Little Angel -     Little Angel -  Canada
  Gloom     Gloom  Canada  Canada
  Chills     Chills  Canada
  Princess Bánh Bao     Princess Bánh Bao  Canada
  FaZe Replays     FaZe Replays  Canada
  Dave and Ava - Nursery     Dave and Ava - Nursery  Canada
  the Hacksmith     the Hacksmith  Canada
  ImJayStation     ImJayStation  Canada
  WatchMojo Español     WatchMojo Español  Canada
  SIS vs BRO     SIS vs BRO  Canada
  NELK     NELK  Canada
  TOY TOTO *토이토토*     TOY TOTO *토이토토*  Canada
  Shroud     Shroud  Canada
  The Weeknd     The Weeknd  Canada
  ElectroBOOM     ElectroBOOM  Canada
  JustDustin     JustDustin  Canada
  Derek Gerard     Derek Gerard  Canada
  MostAmazingTop10     MostAmazingTop10  Canada
  Rehaan Records     Rehaan Records  Canada
  Con1234567890 con     Con1234567890 con  Canada
  DailyDrivenExotics     DailyDrivenExotics  Canada
  Jester     Jester  Canada
  MrSuicideSheep     MrSuicideSheep  Canada
  Nick Pro     Nick Pro  Canada
  Mavsyyy     Mavsyyy  Canada
  Linus Tech Tips     Linus Tech Tips  Canada
  DanPlan     DanPlan  Canada
  Polo     Polo  Canada
  FamousTubeKIDS     FamousTubeKIDS  Canada
  Aaron Esser     Aaron Esser  Canada
  GamerGirl     GamerGirl  Canada
  Young Merkules     Young Merkules  Canada
  N.E Lets Eat     N.E Lets Eat  Canada
  Peter McKinnon     Peter McKinnon  Canada
  TheSorryGirls     TheSorryGirls  Canada
  Learn and Play with     Learn and Play with  Canada


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