Canada - Most Subscribed YouTube Channels - This Week

Rank 1 - 48

YouTube channels are sorted by number of subscribers they got during the last 7 days.

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 Rank  Channel | |
  the Hacksmith     the Hacksmith  Canada
  Justin Bieber     Justin Bieber  Canada
  Lilac     Lilac  Canada
  ZMDE     ZMDE  Canada  Canada
  Linus Tech Tips     Linus Tech Tips  Canada
  Super Simple Songs -     Super Simple Songs -  Canada
  The Weeknd     The Weeknd  Canada
  Nick Pro     Nick Pro  Canada
  Shahveer Jafry     Shahveer Jafry  Canada
  HZHtube Kids Fun     HZHtube Kids Fun  Canada
  Jester     Jester  Canada
  Pokimane     Pokimane  Canada
  Disguised Toast     Disguised Toast  Canada
  Aaron Esser     Aaron Esser  Canada
  What If     What If  Canada
  MadFit     MadFit  Canada
  HunniBee ASMR     HunniBee ASMR  Canada
  Super Simple ABCs     Super Simple ABCs  Canada
  Tate McRae     Tate McRae  Canada
  Stromedy     Stromedy  Canada
  CelineDionTV     CelineDionTV  Canada
  Star Wars Theory     Star Wars Theory  Canada
  GamerGirl     GamerGirl  Canada
  ElectroBOOM     ElectroBOOM  Canada
  tfmjonny     tfmjonny  Canada
  Smallant1     Smallant1  Canada
  UnusualVideos     UnusualVideos  Canada
  Ali Gatie     Ali Gatie  Canada
  English Speeches     English Speeches  Canada
  Fortnite Cinema     Fortnite Cinema  Canada
  Rakib Hossain     Rakib Hossain  Canada
  MotivationHub by     MotivationHub by  Canada
  ZaidAliT Vlogs     ZaidAliT Vlogs  Canada
  xQcOW     xQcOW  Canada
  DangerouslyFunny     DangerouslyFunny  Canada
  ChicaTV     ChicaTV  Canada
  NileRed     NileRed  Canada
  Motivation2Study     Motivation2Study  Canada
  SomeOrdinaryGamers     SomeOrdinaryGamers  Canada
  Gloom     Gloom  Canada
  SMii7Y     SMii7Y  Canada
  Casually Explained     Casually Explained  Canada
  JustDustin     JustDustin  Canada
  funnyplox     funnyplox  Canada
  Peter McKinnon     Peter McKinnon  Canada
  Better Ideas     Better Ideas  Canada