Slovenia - Most Subscribed YouTube Channels - This Week

Rank 1 - 48

YouTube channels are sorted by number of subscribers they got during the last 7 days.

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 Rank  Channel | |
  Polenar Tactical     Polenar Tactical  Slovenia
  Workout Motivation     Workout Motivation  Slovenia
  Marko Pegan     Marko Pegan  Slovenia
  Raspo     Raspo  Slovenia
  Nik Rijavec 2     Nik Rijavec 2  Slovenia
  FELXEON     FELXEON  Slovenia
  TaySon     TaySon  Slovenia
  Lucas Peinador     Lucas Peinador  Slovenia
  UF PRO®     UF PRO®  Slovenia
  Mr.LoveYotube     Mr.LoveYotube  Slovenia
  Aмαzιɴɢ     Aмαzιɴɢ  Slovenia
  OneAndOnly016     OneAndOnly016  Slovenia
  Cool Gadgets & Stuff     Cool Gadgets & Stuff  Slovenia
  TFC     TFC  Slovenia
  Relaxing Sounds Of     Relaxing Sounds Of  Slovenia
  Fiona Art     Fiona Art  Slovenia
  GameThumb     GameThumb  Slovenia
  Lord Severinus     Lord Severinus  Slovenia
  Easy Peasy and Fun     Easy Peasy and Fun  Slovenia
  PeroMartic     PeroMartic  Slovenia
  Bit Sever     Bit Sever  Slovenia
  Slavic Affairs     Slavic Affairs  Slovenia
  Anže Rogelja     Anže Rogelja  Slovenia
  Laganini     Laganini  Slovenia
  Jan Plestenjak     Jan Plestenjak  Slovenia
  Kleminho     Kleminho  Slovenia
  OtroÅ¡ke pesmi     OtroÅ¡ke pesmi  Slovenia
  Jacob Firestone     Jacob Firestone  Slovenia
  Bubadu     Bubadu  Slovenia
  Film Factory     Film Factory  Slovenia
  Kaya Solo     Kaya Solo  Slovenia
  Hitradio Center     Hitradio Center  Slovenia
  Karantanija cinemas     Karantanija cinemas  Slovenia
  Oops Croatia!     Oops Croatia!  Slovenia
  FinNote     FinNote  Slovenia
  Andrej P. Å kraba     Andrej P. Å kraba  Slovenia
  Kosta RST     Kosta RST  Slovenia
  House Beats     House Beats  Slovenia
  Tyranozaver Jurij     Tyranozaver Jurij  Slovenia
  FinNote 2     FinNote 2  Slovenia
  Isa & Hugo French     Isa & Hugo French  Slovenia
  Zorko     Zorko  Slovenia
  Perpetuum Jazzile     Perpetuum Jazzile  Slovenia
  GIMI Productions     GIMI Productions  Slovenia
  Akrapovič     Akrapovič  Slovenia
  Ajkule     Ajkule  Slovenia
  POPoln kanal     POPoln kanal  Slovenia