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 Rank  Channel | |
  Aaj Tak     Aaj Tak  India
  one31     one31  Thailand
  ABP NEWS     ABP NEWS  India
  IndiaTV     IndiaTV  India
  Sebastian Yatra     Sebastian Yatra 
  DLS News     DLS News  India
  Zee News     Zee News  India
  NMF News     NMF News  India
  The Lallantop     The Lallantop  India
  CNN     CNN 
  Barcroft TV     Barcroft TV 
  Philip DeFranco     Philip DeFranco  United States
  ABS-CBN News     ABS-CBN News  Philippines
  Inside Edition     Inside Edition  United States
  ABC News     ABC News  United States
  Vox     Vox  United States
  thairath     thairath  Thailand
  НТВ     НТВ  Russia
  GMA Public Affairs     GMA Public Affairs  Philippines
  News Tak     News Tak  India
  John Legend     John Legend 
  DramaAlert     DramaAlert  United States
  เรื่องเล่าเช้านี้     เรื่องเล่าเช้านี้  Thailand
  NDTV     NDTV  India
  BBC News     BBC News  United Kingdom
  News18 India     News18 India  India
  The Young Turks     The Young Turks  United States
  VICE News     VICE News  United States
  Raffy Tulfo in Action     Raffy Tulfo in Action  Philippines
  News 24     News 24  India
  AlArabiya قناة العربية     AlArabiya قناة العربية 
  Geo News     Geo News  Pakistan
  Chouftv - شوف تيفي     Chouftv - شوف تيفي  Morocco
  Al Jazeera Arabic قناة     Al Jazeera Arabic قناة 
  GMA News     GMA News  Philippines
  Bharat Tak     Bharat Tak  India
  Ennahar TV Compte     Ennahar TV Compte  Algeria
  RT     RT 
  V6 News Telugu     V6 News Telugu  India
  Headlines India     Headlines India  India
  TV9 Telugu     TV9 Telugu  India
  Al Jazeera English     Al Jazeera English 
  Univision Noticias     Univision Noticias 
  SAMAA TV     SAMAA TV  Pakistan
  Oneindia Hindi |     Oneindia Hindi |  India
  ABP Majha     ABP Majha  India
  My Smart Guide     My Smart Guide  India