Switzerland - Most Subscribed YouTube Channels - This Week

Rank 1 - 48

YouTube channels are sorted by number of subscribers they got during the last 7 days.

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 Rank  Channel | |
  FIFATV     FIFATV  Switzerland
  UEFA.tv     UEFA.tv  Switzerland
  United World Wrestling     United World Wrestling  Switzerland
  Typhoon Cinema     Typhoon Cinema  Switzerland
  Swissbeatbox     Swissbeatbox  Switzerland
  Alyaa Gad     Alyaa Gad  Switzerland
  I AM DANIEL T/M     I AM DANIEL T/M  Switzerland
  Laugh 4 Life     Laugh 4 Life  Switzerland
  Rhyanna Watson     Rhyanna Watson  Switzerland
  StormXF3     StormXF3  Switzerland
  Mathias     Mathias  Switzerland
  CARAPS رياض     CARAPS رياض  Switzerland
  Junior Eurovision Song     Junior Eurovision Song  Switzerland
  KiwyZzonk     KiwyZzonk  Switzerland
  Hallo Deutschschule     Hallo Deutschschule  Switzerland
  PowerTrain     PowerTrain  Switzerland
  Souki Shayk     Souki Shayk  Switzerland
  FIG Channel     FIG Channel  Switzerland
  FIVB Volleyball     FIVB Volleyball  Switzerland
  Syarif Zapata     Syarif Zapata  Switzerland
  Conseils & Citations     Conseils & Citations  Switzerland
  KOURØS     KOURØS  Switzerland
  Les archives de la RTS     Les archives de la RTS  Switzerland
  ChiefAvalon     ChiefAvalon  Switzerland
  Silke Schaefer     Silke Schaefer  Switzerland
  Andreas Spiess     Andreas Spiess  Switzerland
  RTS - Radio     RTS - Radio  Switzerland
  Aida Doci Official     Aida Doci Official  Switzerland
  World Economic Forum     World Economic Forum  Switzerland
  Swiss001     Swiss001  Switzerland
  Stomp It Tutorials     Stomp It Tutorials  Switzerland
  Dr. Filippo Ongaro     Dr. Filippo Ongaro  Switzerland
  Eric Flag     Eric Flag  Switzerland
  Vanessa Somuayina     Vanessa Somuayina  Switzerland
  MAXIMUM TOP 10     MAXIMUM TOP 10  Switzerland
  lorirocks777     lorirocks777  Switzerland
  Lugn     Lugn  Switzerland
  الغزال     الغزال  Switzerland
  Zagil 24     Zagil 24  Switzerland
  Nancy Holten     Nancy Holten  Switzerland
  CERN     CERN  Switzerland
  Cars with Luke     Cars with Luke  Switzerland
  D u F i X     D u F i X  Switzerland
  Waltrus     Waltrus  Switzerland
  Star Wars News     Star Wars News  Switzerland
  World Taekwondo     World Taekwondo  Switzerland
  Jonny Giger     Jonny Giger  Switzerland