Afghanistan - Most Subscribed YouTube Channels - This Week

Rank 1 - 48

YouTube channels are sorted by number of subscribers they got during the last 7 days.

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 Rank  Channel | |
  Azmir Recording     Azmir Recording  Afghanistan
  Tipo Bel Abbes -     Tipo Bel Abbes -  Afghanistan
  DC Kids     DC Kids  Afghanistan
  Shabake Khanda     Shabake Khanda  Afghanistan
  Ro Dar Ro [Family Feud     Ro Dar Ro [Family Feud  Afghanistan
  LemarTV     LemarTV  Afghanistan
  shamshad live     shamshad live  Afghanistan
  Kabul Plus     Kabul Plus  Afghanistan
  SL Sanda     SL Sanda  Afghanistan
  Ayurved Health Tips 4 U     Ayurved Health Tips 4 U  Afghanistan
  Sahara Flash Official     Sahara Flash Official  Afghanistan
  VOA Dari     VOA Dari  Afghanistan
  win081     win081  Afghanistan
  J TECH     J TECH  Afghanistan
  Holy Quran     Holy Quran  Afghanistan
  Mom Hot TV     Mom Hot TV  Afghanistan
  Afghanistan TV     Afghanistan TV  Afghanistan
  CowbellSupaStrikas     CowbellSupaStrikas  Afghanistan
  donia Cricket     donia Cricket  Afghanistan
  Dj Kracsek     Dj Kracsek  Afghanistan
  MBC The Wall     MBC The Wall  Afghanistan
  ARG1880     ARG1880  Afghanistan
  kabulnewstv     kabulnewstv  Afghanistan
  Afghan Premier League     Afghan Premier League  Afghanistan
  RJ STUDIO     RJ STUDIO  Afghanistan
  SMB 뉴스오락 247     SMB 뉴스오락 247  Afghanistan
  معالي     معالي  Afghanistan
  Qais Ulfat     Qais Ulfat  Afghanistan
  Farid Bromand     Farid Bromand  Afghanistan
  WATAN HD TV     WATAN HD TV  Afghanistan
  Xolabaj TV     Xolabaj TV  Afghanistan
  Mahesh Adhikari     Mahesh Adhikari  Afghanistan
  Payame Haq     Payame Haq  Afghanistan
  kandahar mili     kandahar mili  Afghanistan
  NollyCrystal     NollyCrystal  Afghanistan
  Chakaria Media     Chakaria Media  Afghanistan
  NOLLYVIDS     NOLLYVIDS  Afghanistan
  LiamPayneVEVO     LiamPayneVEVO  Afghanistan
  rogueamp     rogueamp  Afghanistan
  Ryan Hansen Solves     Ryan Hansen Solves  Afghanistan
  Bluejay5678     Bluejay5678  Afghanistan
  SigridVEVO     SigridVEVO  Afghanistan
  David Echeverry     David Echeverry  Afghanistan
  Tech Zaada     Tech Zaada  Afghanistan
  jawid khederi     jawid khederi  Afghanistan
  LewisCapaldiVEVO     LewisCapaldiVEVO  Afghanistan