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YouTube channels are sorted by number of subscribers they got during the last 24 hours.

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  Film&Clips     Film&Clips  Italy
  Stella ASMR     Stella ASMR  Italy
  Il Rifugio Perfetto     Il Rifugio Perfetto  Italy
  JMMates     JMMates  Italy
  Daniele Vitale Sax     Daniele Vitale Sax  Italy
  Sfera Ebbasta     Sfera Ebbasta  Italy
  ilMasseo     ilMasseo  Italy
  Stef&Phere     Stef&Phere  Italy
  DisneyChannelIT     DisneyChannelIT  Italy  Italy
  Magnetic Games     Magnetic Games  Italy
  WhenGamersFail â–º Lyon     WhenGamersFail â–º Lyon  Italy
  Davie504     Davie504  Italy
  GaBBoDSQ     GaBBoDSQ  Italy
  Scottecs     Scottecs  Italy
  Rai     Rai  Italy
  PACIL     PACIL  Italy
  KriiX     KriiX  Italy
  Matt & Ste     Matt & Ste  Italy
  aledellagiusta     aledellagiusta  Italy
  Tutti a Tavola     Tutti a Tavola  Italy
  Kokeshi     Kokeshi  Italy
  GioPizzi     GioPizzi  Italy
  Jaser     Jaser  Italy
  TESSY ANOINTED Gabriel     TESSY ANOINTED Gabriel  Italy
  Houda 79 أفكار     Houda 79 أفكار  Italy
  Casa Pappagallo     Casa Pappagallo  Italy
  Polpetta & Cotoletta     Polpetta & Cotoletta  Italy
  Cucina Botanica     Cucina Botanica  Italy
  Comedy Central Italia     Comedy Central Italia  Italy
  Cucina Mina     Cucina Mina  Italy
  Ninna e Matti     Ninna e Matti  Italy
  123 GO! Italian     123 GO! Italian  Italy
  Cry Babies in Italiano     Cry Babies in Italiano  Italy
  Lyon Lab     Lyon Lab  Italy
  TroomTroom IT     TroomTroom IT  Italy
  44 Gatti - serie TV     44 Gatti - serie TV  Italy
  Bing - Italiano Canale     Bing - Italiano Canale  Italy
  Martina Attili     Martina Attili  Italy
  Riccardo Zanetti     Riccardo Zanetti  Italy
  Muhammad Swag     Muhammad Swag  Italy
  RiNNE     RiNNE  Italy
  Boomerang Italia     Boomerang Italia  Italy
  Progetto Liminis     Progetto Liminis  Italy
  CaroDiario     CaroDiario  Italy
  Benjamin Santagati     Benjamin Santagati  Italy
  cucina om addnan     cucina om addnan  Italy