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  T-Series     T-Series  India
  PewDiePie     PewDiePie  United States
  ABCkidTV - Nursery     ABCkidTV - Nursery  United States
  SET India     SET India  India
  ✿ Kids Diana Show     ✿ Kids Diana Show  United States
  WWE     WWE 
  5-Minute Crafts     5-Minute Crafts  United States
  Zee Music Company     Zee Music Company  India
  Like Nastya Vlog     Like Nastya Vlog  United States
  Canal KondZilla     Canal KondZilla  Brazil
  Vlad and Nikita     Vlad and Nikita  United States
  Justin Bieber     Justin Bieber  Canada
  Dude Perfect     Dude Perfect  United States
  zeetv     zeetv  India
  Marshmello     Marshmello  United States
  ibighit     ibighit  South Korea
  MrBeast     MrBeast  United States
  Movieclips     Movieclips  United States
  Ed Sheeran     Ed Sheeran 
  Goldmines Telefilms     Goldmines Telefilms  India
  Ariana Grande`     Ariana Grande` 
  Filmi Gaane     Filmi Gaane  India
  EminemMusic     EminemMusic 
  Badabun     Badabun  Mexico
  Aaj Tak     Aaj Tak  India
  ChuChu TV Nursery     ChuChu TV Nursery  India
  JuegaGerman     JuegaGerman  Chile
  SAB TV     SAB TV  India
  Pinkfong! Kids' Songs &     Pinkfong! Kids' Songs &  United States
  HolaSoyGerman.     HolaSoyGerman.  Chile
  whinderssonnunes     whinderssonnunes 
  Taylor Swift     Taylor Swift 
  Felipe Neto     Felipe Neto  Brazil
  Sony Music India     Sony Music India  India
  Wave Music     Wave Music  India
  elrubiusOMG     elrubiusOMG 
  Katy Perry     Katy Perry  United States
  El Reino Infantil     El Reino Infantil 
  Fernanfloo     Fernanfloo  El Salvador
  Você Sabia?     Você Sabia?  Brazil
  Alan Walker     Alan Walker  Norway
  LooLoo Kids - Nursery     LooLoo Kids - Nursery  United States
  TheEllenShow     TheEllenShow  United States
  Billie Eilish     Billie Eilish  United States
  T-Series Bhakti Sagar     T-Series Bhakti Sagar  India
  Rihanna     Rihanna