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YouTube channels are sorted by number of subscribers they got during the last 24 hours.

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 Rank  Channel | |
  Best Ever Food Review     Best Ever Food Review  United States
  Nomadic Ambience     Nomadic Ambience  United States
  Travel Thirsty     Travel Thirsty 
  Rachel & Niko     Rachel & Niko 
  Mark Wiens     Mark Wiens  Thailand
  Sailing La Vagabonde     Sailing La Vagabonde  Australia
  Hobby Makan     Hobby Makan  Indonesia
  mint Iroamalone     mint Iroamalone  Thailand
  Emre Durmuş     Emre Durmuş  Turkey
  visitseoul     visitseoul  South Korea
  Shubh Journey     Shubh Journey  India
  Sam Chui     Sam Chui  United States
  Akash Dodeja     Akash Dodeja  India
  RianTV     RianTV  Indonesia
  DJ Poom     DJ Poom  Thailand
  teera47     teera47  Thailand
  fliptopbattles     fliptopbattles 
  Un Mundo Inmenso     Un Mundo Inmenso  Argentina
  Collin Abroadcast     Collin Abroadcast  United States
  The Food Ranger     The Food Ranger  China
  bald and bankrupt     bald and bankrupt  United Kingdom
  issei zee     issei zee  Japan
  NU CHANNEL     NU CHANNEL  Indonesia
  KatyTheChic     KatyTheChic  Peru
  Isabela Borges     Isabela Borges  United States
  Fiersa Besari     Fiersa Besari  Indonesia
  Nhịp Sống Tây Bắc     Nhịp Sống Tây Bắc  Vietnam
  푸디보이 FoodieBoy     푸디보이 FoodieBoy  South Korea
  Nawab's Kitchen Food     Nawab's Kitchen Food  India
  WildFilmsIndia     WildFilmsIndia  India
  Vivendo Mundo Afora     Vivendo Mundo Afora  Brazil
  ประภัสสร พิกุลทอง     ประภัสสร พิกุลทอง 
  RnC Fabrica     RnC Fabrica  South Korea
  Tech Travel Eat by     Tech Travel Eat by  India
  Street Food Dream Food     Street Food Dream Food  United Kingdom
  varlamov     varlamov  Russia
  กับข้าวกับปลาโอ     กับข้าวกับปลาโอ 
  Антон Птушкин     Антон Птушкин  Ukraine
  Miss Mina     Miss Mina  United States
  Safari     Safari  India
  Gabbi Garcia     Gabbi Garcia 
  Arei Outdoorgear     Arei Outdoorgear  Indonesia
  متع عقلك | حقائق     متع عقلك | حقائق  Saudi Arabia
  Kanal 7     Kanal 7  Turkey
  Kara and Nate     Kara and Nate  United States
  Estevam Pelo Mundo     Estevam Pelo Mundo  Brazil