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YouTube channels are sorted by number of subscribers they got during the last 24 hours.

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 Rank  Channel | |
  RianTV     RianTV  Indonesia
  Hobby Makan     Hobby Makan  Indonesia
  Eamon & Bec     Eamon & Bec  Canada
  Rius Vernandes     Rius Vernandes  Indonesia
  Антон Птушкин     Антон Птушкин  Ukraine
  Best Ever Food Review     Best Ever Food Review  United States
  Travel Thirsty     Travel Thirsty 
  Mark Wiens     Mark Wiens  Thailand
  Explore With Us     Explore With Us  United States
  Sailing Zatara     Sailing Zatara  United States
  Avi vlogz     Avi vlogz  India
  Sailing La Vagabonde     Sailing La Vagabonde  Australia
  Vietnam Meets Dustin     Vietnam Meets Dustin  United States
  Daniella Monet     Daniella Monet  United States
  RnC Fabrica     RnC Fabrica  South Korea
  teera47     teera47  Thailand
  i love Madina     i love Madina  India
  Budiono Sukses     Budiono Sukses  Indonesia
  Sam Chui     Sam Chui  United States
  Public Guide Tips     Public Guide Tips  India
  Trail of Us     Trail of Us 
  Travel Tube     Travel Tube 
  Cak Budi Official     Cak Budi Official  Indonesia
  fliptopbattles     fliptopbattles 
  Хочу домой.     Хочу домой.  Belarus
  Bearhug     Bearhug  Thailand
  Anas Iskander I انس     Anas Iskander I انس  Saudi Arabia
  alanxelmundo     alanxelmundo  Mexico
  Carioca NoMundo     Carioca NoMundo  Brazil
  Hauwke Setjodiningrat     Hauwke Setjodiningrat 
  Amazing Places on Our     Amazing Places on Our  United States
  Namma Bhoomi Namma Samy     Namma Bhoomi Namma Samy  India
  WildFilmsIndia     WildFilmsIndia  India
  버거킹     버거킹  South Korea
  Emre Durmuş     Emre Durmuş  Turkey
  The Food Ranger     The Food Ranger  China
  varlamov     varlamov  Russia
  Paolo fromTOKYO     Paolo fromTOKYO  Japan
  ticket2 explore     ticket2 explore  India
  metrotvnews     metrotvnews 
  Khoai Lang Thang / Food     Khoai Lang Thang / Food  Vietnam
  Kara and Nate     Kara and Nate  United States
  Deepak Bajracharya     Deepak Bajracharya 
  กับข้าวกับปลาโอ     กับข้าวกับปลาโอ 
  Susi Cruz     Susi Cruz  Germany
  Mr Food Hunter     Mr Food Hunter  Indonesia