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YouTube channels are sorted by number of views they got during the last 24 hours.

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  Super Simple Songs -     Super Simple Songs -  Canada
  TheWeekndVEVO     TheWeekndVEVO  Canada
  Papi Melv     Papi Melv  Canada
  Super Simple ABCs     Super Simple ABCs  Canada
  HZHtube Kids Fun     HZHtube Kids Fun  Canada
  Nick Pro     Nick Pro  Canada
  Linus Tech Tips     Linus Tech Tips  Canada
  ZMDE     ZMDE  Canada
  ItsLex _     ItsLex _  Canada
  Typical Gamer     Typical Gamer  Canada
  GamerGirl     GamerGirl  Canada
  Fortnite Best Moments     Fortnite Best Moments  Canada  Canada
  Aaron Esser     Aaron Esser  Canada
  AzzyLand     AzzyLand  Canada
  Disguised Toast     Disguised Toast  Canada
  MrSuicideSheep     MrSuicideSheep  Canada
  SpyCakes     SpyCakes  Canada
  Rehaan Records     Rehaan Records  Canada
  Jester     Jester  Canada
  KahoSei Channel from     KahoSei Channel from  Canada
  LeonardCohen     LeonardCohen  Canada
  CBGames     CBGames  Canada
  Gloom     Gloom  Canada
  sisters fun tube 2     sisters fun tube 2  Canada
  xQcOW     xQcOW  Canada
  Shahveer Jafry     Shahveer Jafry  Canada
  SIS vs BRO     SIS vs BRO  Canada
  the Hacksmith     the Hacksmith  Canada
  The Kiboomers - Kids     The Kiboomers - Kids  Canada
  annapantsu     annapantsu  Canada
  HunniBee ASMR     HunniBee ASMR  Canada
  Prime Asia TV Canada     Prime Asia TV Canada  Canada
  Stromedy     Stromedy  Canada
  Aminium Music     Aminium Music  Canada
  ET Canada     ET Canada  Canada
  English Tree TV     English Tree TV  Canada
  Canal da Lelê     Canal da Lelê  Canada
  SAS-ASMR     SAS-ASMR  Canada
  Spin Master Games     Spin Master Games  Canada
  JoBlo Movie Clips     JoBlo Movie Clips  Canada
  Global News     Global News  Canada
  FamousTubeKIDS     FamousTubeKIDS  Canada
  Star Wars Theory     Star Wars Theory  Canada
  The Toe Bro     The Toe Bro  Canada
  DangerouslyFunny     DangerouslyFunny  Canada
  What If     What If  Canada
  UnusualVideos     UnusualVideos  Canada