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 Rank  Channel | |
  Soothing Relaxation     Soothing Relaxation  Norway
  NewMelody     NewMelody  Norway
  Red Arcade     Red Arcade  Norway
  GreenKokiri54     GreenKokiri54  Norway
  apetor     apetor  Norway
  MrSavageM     MrSavageM  Norway
  Peder B. Helland     Peder B. Helland  Norway
  MarioZenium     MarioZenium  Norway
  TVNorge     TVNorge  Norway
  agepbiz     agepbiz  Norway
  Mudugboy     Mudugboy  Norway
  Box Yourself     Box Yourself  Norway
  Ethereal Music     Ethereal Music  Norway
  TheJumiFilm     TheJumiFilm  Norway
  TB-Turki brothers     TB-Turki brothers  Norway
  xTempex     xTempex  Norway
  calverie     calverie  Norway
  pellekofficial     pellekofficial  Norway
  Miss DeepShine     Miss DeepShine  Norway
  ArchD n' Bacon_     ArchD n' Bacon_  Norway
  Being Artistic     Being Artistic  Norway
  PowerThoughts     PowerThoughts  Norway
  Anton S Live     Anton S Live  Norway
  Nobel Peace Prize     Nobel Peace Prize  Norway
  Matoma     Matoma  Norway
  Atozy     Atozy  Norway
  TungevaagRaaban     TungevaagRaaban  Norway
  Skavlan     Skavlan  Norway
  Lollipop     Lollipop  Norway
  8D Music     8D Music  Norway
  TV 2     TV 2  Norway
  Spirit Tribe Awakening     Spirit Tribe Awakening  Norway
  The Astral Circle     The Astral Circle  Norway
  Parynhar Gaming     Parynhar Gaming  Norway
  Ronja´s Dr Hook Channel     Ronja´s Dr Hook Channel  Norway
  NRK FlippKlipp     NRK FlippKlipp  Norway
  Magnus Midtbø     Magnus Midtbø  Norway
  Mari Samuelsen     Mari Samuelsen  Norway
  Nerdforge     Nerdforge  Norway
  Levi Johansen     Levi Johansen  Norway
  Garaad TV     Garaad TV  Norway
  Pudding-TV     Pudding-TV  Norway
  NRK Super     NRK Super  Norway
  TCR     TCR  Norway
  ZenLifeRelax     ZenLifeRelax  Norway
  NRK 4ETG     NRK 4ETG  Norway
  ShibeNation     ShibeNation  Norway