Afghanistan - Most Viewed YouTube Channels - Today

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YouTube channels are sorted by number of views they got during the last 24 hours.

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 Rank  Channel | |
  LewisCapaldiVEVO     LewisCapaldiVEVO  Afghanistan
  DC Kids     DC Kids  Afghanistan
  Y2KVEVO     Y2KVEVO  Afghanistan
  LiamPayneVEVO     LiamPayneVEVO  Afghanistan
  JorjaSmithVEVO     JorjaSmithVEVO  Afghanistan
  Azmir Recording     Azmir Recording  Afghanistan
  HRVYVEVO     HRVYVEVO  Afghanistan
  Shabake Khanda     Shabake Khanda  Afghanistan
  Telugu Movie Channel     Telugu Movie Channel  Afghanistan
  LemarTV     LemarTV  Afghanistan
  KHURSHID TV     KHURSHID TV  Afghanistan
  Tipo Bel Abbes -     Tipo Bel Abbes -  Afghanistan
  Omarzad Production     Omarzad Production  Afghanistan
  CamilaGallardoVEVO     CamilaGallardoVEVO  Afghanistan
  Ro Dar Ro [Family Feud     Ro Dar Ro [Family Feud  Afghanistan
  MBC TOP CHEF     MBC TOP CHEF  Afghanistan
  South Action Movies     South Action Movies  Afghanistan
  DenzelCurryVEVO     DenzelCurryVEVO  Afghanistan
  SigridVEVO     SigridVEVO  Afghanistan
  Sangin Production     Sangin Production  Afghanistan
  shamshad live     shamshad live  Afghanistan
  Qaderi Studios     Qaderi Studios  Afghanistan
  Sahara Flash Official     Sahara Flash Official  Afghanistan
  Kabul Plus     Kabul Plus  Afghanistan
  Tech Zaada     Tech Zaada  Afghanistan
  SL Sanda     SL Sanda  Afghanistan
  Kannada Full Movies     Kannada Full Movies  Afghanistan
  A-Series Entertainment     A-Series Entertainment  Afghanistan
  KrubiVEVO     KrubiVEVO  Afghanistan
  VOA Dari     VOA Dari  Afghanistan
  Pashto health care     Pashto health care  Afghanistan
  Malayalam Blockbuster     Malayalam Blockbuster  Afghanistan
  Shaadi HaHa     Shaadi HaHa  Afghanistan
  win081     win081  Afghanistan
  ChesscomNews     ChesscomNews  Afghanistan
  Ayurved Health Tips 4 U     Ayurved Health Tips 4 U  Afghanistan
  معالي     معالي  Afghanistan
  Latest Happening movies     Latest Happening movies  Afghanistan
  Bluejay5678     Bluejay5678  Afghanistan
  donia Cricket     donia Cricket  Afghanistan
  CowbellSupaStrikas     CowbellSupaStrikas  Afghanistan
  Azadi Radio     Azadi Radio  Afghanistan
  Shopkins Shopville Full     Shopkins Shopville Full  Afghanistan
  SMB 뉴스오락 247     SMB 뉴스오락 247  Afghanistan
  JSR Films Comedy     JSR Films Comedy  Afghanistan
  New Yoruba Movies     New Yoruba Movies  Afghanistan
  电影怪婆婆     电影怪婆婆  Afghanistan