Afghanistan - Most Viewed YouTube Channels - Today

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YouTube channels are sorted by number of views they got during the last 24 hours.

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 Rank  Channel | |
  Y2KVEVO     Y2KVEVO  Afghanistan
  Azmir Recording     Azmir Recording  Afghanistan
  HRVYVEVO     HRVYVEVO  Afghanistan
  CamilaGallardoVEVO     CamilaGallardoVEVO  Afghanistan
  LemarTV     LemarTV  Afghanistan
  Tipo Bel Abbes - تيبو     Tipo Bel Abbes - تيبو  Afghanistan
  Shabake Khanda     Shabake Khanda  Afghanistan
  DenzelCurryVEVO     DenzelCurryVEVO  Afghanistan
  SigridVEVO     SigridVEVO  Afghanistan
  Sahara Flash Official     Sahara Flash Official  Afghanistan
  Qaderi Studios     Qaderi Studios  Afghanistan
  A-Series Entertainment     A-Series Entertainment  Afghanistan
  Tech Zaada     Tech Zaada  Afghanistan
  SL Sanda     SL Sanda  Afghanistan
  Cartoon World     Cartoon World  Afghanistan
  WATAN HD TV     WATAN HD TV  Afghanistan
  Afghan Premier League     Afghan Premier League  Afghanistan
  Movies At 12Noon     Movies At 12Noon  Afghanistan
  Joel Tim     Joel Tim  Afghanistan
  TOP 5 DARI/دری     TOP 5 DARI/دری  Afghanistan
  ElleyDuheVEVO     ElleyDuheVEVO  Afghanistan
  DD Vaishnav Trending     DD Vaishnav Trending  Afghanistan
  Green Swag     Green Swag  Afghanistan
  J TECH     J TECH  Afghanistan
  NollyCrystal     NollyCrystal  Afghanistan
  ARG1880     ARG1880  Afghanistan
  Bathmate review     Bathmate review  Afghanistan
  royalstar tv - Nigerian     royalstar tv - Nigerian  Afghanistan
  jovi1715     jovi1715  Afghanistan
  Aliaman744     Aliaman744  Afghanistan
  Qmq Siow     Qmq Siow  Afghanistan
  Lätkä Suomi     Lätkä Suomi  Afghanistan
  Ahmadzai Mirwais     Ahmadzai Mirwais  Afghanistan
  AMGAMO     AMGAMO  Afghanistan
  The Nick Show     The Nick Show  Afghanistan
  YorubaBest Tv     YorubaBest Tv  Afghanistan
  Phy RAk     Phy RAk  Afghanistan
  GAY     GAY  Afghanistan
  JoK3rSpAiiN     JoK3rSpAiiN  Afghanistan
  GH Home Remedies     GH Home Remedies  Afghanistan
  Jamie MacDonald     Jamie MacDonald  Afghanistan
  JAAT MUSIC     JAAT MUSIC  Afghanistan
  Dawar Production     Dawar Production  Afghanistan
  Channel6     Channel6  Afghanistan
  WK Sport     WK Sport  Afghanistan
  MapleStory 2     MapleStory 2  Afghanistan
  DD ToonZ     DD ToonZ  Afghanistan