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YouTube channels are sorted by number of subscribers they got during the last 24 hours.

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  Andrea Dorfman     Andrea Dorfman  Canada
  Ivan Dorin     Ivan Dorin  Canada
  atenahena     atenahena  Canada
  Sukh Sanghera     Sukh Sanghera  Canada
  Ignited Animations -     Ignited Animations -  Canada
  Joel Erhart     Joel Erhart  Canada
  VirtualBloxAssembled     VirtualBloxAssembled  Canada
  ÆŽ V I L Æ S T H ÆŽ T     ÆŽ V I L Æ S T H ÆŽ T  Canada
  Krystal Aranyani     Krystal Aranyani  Canada
  AnouN     AnouN  Canada
  Winja     Winja  Canada
  Ben Degros     Ben Degros  Canada
  Duo REACT Time     Duo REACT Time  Canada
  Krishna Kaipenchery     Krishna Kaipenchery  Canada
  Brian's Fucking Mom     Brian's Fucking Mom  Canada
  sunset boy     sunset boy  Canada
  Mathu     Mathu  Canada
  Melanie Singh     Melanie Singh  Canada
  CriShoux     CriShoux  Canada
  Danielle Trudeau     Danielle Trudeau  Canada
  Utilix 2000     Utilix 2000  Canada
  Dennis Smeaton     Dennis Smeaton  Canada
  AndrewAWilson     AndrewAWilson  Canada
  sirrandalot     sirrandalot  Canada
  AkashLegoProductions     AkashLegoProductions  Canada
  Maxie     Maxie  Canada
  Toy Trains of David     Toy Trains of David  Canada
  YTV Direct     YTV Direct  Canada
  D0ubleRainb0wDash     D0ubleRainb0wDash  Canada
  Mark     Mark  Canada
  tribbleofdoom     tribbleofdoom  Canada
  Zono     Zono  Canada
  Eric Leclerc     Eric Leclerc  Canada
  Thought Café     Thought Café  Canada
  Black Swan Finances en     Black Swan Finances en  Canada
  NinjaKidCH     NinjaKidCH  Canada
  Phymec     Phymec  Canada
  meiyuart     meiyuart  Canada
  Taran Van Hemert     Taran Van Hemert  Canada
  Jam Filled     Jam Filled  Canada
  Super Science Friends     Super Science Friends  Canada
  TIFF Originals     TIFF Originals  Canada
  Mick290491 (Kid Vs.     Mick290491 (Kid Vs.  Canada
  nku tamirtsion     nku tamirtsion  Canada
  Zim Animation     Zim Animation  Canada
  Liisa Ladouceur     Liisa Ladouceur  Canada
  Maggie Zhu     Maggie Zhu  Canada