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YouTube channels are sorted by number of subscribers they got during the last 24 hours.

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 Rank  Channel | |
  PROBZZ     PROBZZ  Canada
  Dan Vas     Dan Vas  Canada
  Julia Kristina     Julia Kristina  Canada
  the Hacksmith (VLOGS)     the Hacksmith (VLOGS)  Canada
  NileBlue     NileBlue  Canada
  Momma Zaid     Momma Zaid  Canada
  Mercedes-Benz Canada     Mercedes-Benz Canada  Canada
  Avik Anwar     Avik Anwar  Canada
  myriamir3     myriamir3  Canada
  Marco Trunzo     Marco Trunzo  Canada
  Johny Hans     Johny Hans  Canada
  Skratch School     Skratch School  Canada
  Agence de rencontre     Agence de rencontre  Canada
  Adam Gibbs     Adam Gibbs  Canada
  Telophorus     Telophorus  Canada
  Gabriel Lucic     Gabriel Lucic  Canada
  ElectroCUTE     ElectroCUTE  Canada
  AllThingsMathematics     AllThingsMathematics  Canada
  SuperLuigiRichie     SuperLuigiRichie  Canada
  Sailing Magic Carpet     Sailing Magic Carpet  Canada
  ayo hanna     ayo hanna  Canada
  Virginie Tanguay     Virginie Tanguay  Canada
  Rosemary !!     Rosemary !!  Canada
  The Aweslims     The Aweslims  Canada
  David Dekel     David Dekel  Canada
  Contrary Trends - Clip     Contrary Trends - Clip  Canada
  Maria Love     Maria Love  Canada
  Corey's Datapad     Corey's Datapad  Canada
  Katie Steckly     Katie Steckly  Canada
  Ashley Rae     Ashley Rae  Canada
  Mohammed Jabr     Mohammed Jabr  Canada
  Daily WTF     Daily WTF  Canada
  Street Shootr     Street Shootr  Canada
  Canadian Guy     Canadian Guy  Canada
  Kayla Kempers     Kayla Kempers  Canada
  MinyMoe HD     MinyMoe HD  Canada
  Matthew Joseph     Matthew Joseph  Canada
  Canada 150 Archive     Canada 150 Archive  Canada
  X748SE     X748SE  Canada
  Patrick Palmer     Patrick Palmer  Canada
  PlayWithTom     PlayWithTom  Canada
  solotripper     solotripper  Canada
  TheShadesofOrange     TheShadesofOrange  Canada
  YardieGirl. Kisaki     YardieGirl. Kisaki  Canada
  fifi     fifi  Canada
  ApRT Creations     ApRT Creations  Canada
  Heather Kaye     Heather Kaye  Canada