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YouTube channels are sorted by number of subscribers they got during the last 24 hours.

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 Rank  Channel | |
  Mr. Canucks Grow     Mr. Canucks Grow  Canada
  Mixed Reactions     Mixed Reactions  Canada
  Encore +     Encore +  Canada
  Universal Pictures     Universal Pictures  Canada
  Nelson Reyes     Nelson Reyes  Canada
  Barney Latinoamérica     Barney Latinoamérica  Canada
  ddogg vlogs     ddogg vlogs  Canada
  Robk Reacts     Robk Reacts  Canada
  Shahji     Shahji  Canada
  The Botch Guy     The Botch Guy  Canada
  GP Outdoors     GP Outdoors  Canada
  Jordan Sparks     Jordan Sparks  Canada
  Bright Love Guidance     Bright Love Guidance  Canada
  Rob Petkau     Rob Petkau  Canada
  wildfern     wildfern  Canada
  GigiASMR     GigiASMR  Canada
  Kimzi     Kimzi  Canada
  Lil Gum     Lil Gum  Canada
  Ponder Sprocket     Ponder Sprocket  Canada
  Alpacalypse Productions     Alpacalypse Productions  Canada
  JoshuaPare     JoshuaPare  Canada
  KiSS 92.5     KiSS 92.5  Canada
  French River Springs     French River Springs  Canada
  Jamie Davis Towing     Jamie Davis Towing  Canada
  Uncomfortable     Uncomfortable  Canada
  RetroTy: The Pulse of     RetroTy: The Pulse of  Canada
  Union Martial Arts     Union Martial Arts  Canada
  Pigeons 420     Pigeons 420  Canada
  theASMRnerd     theASMRnerd  Canada
  Diane Edwards - An     Diane Edwards - An  Canada
  Yay! Toy Unboxing     Yay! Toy Unboxing  Canada
  Canadian Heritage     Canadian Heritage  Canada
  Limewire 07     Limewire 07  Canada
  KibiNation     KibiNation  Canada
  Fanluke Art     Fanluke Art  Canada
  ShawTV Winnipeg     ShawTV Winnipeg  Canada
  kittensiu     kittensiu  Canada
  Valerie Ducharme     Valerie Ducharme  Canada
  Ludamus     Ludamus  Canada
  Pedro Roberto     Pedro Roberto  Canada
  Jeff Clement     Jeff Clement  Canada
  Michael J     Michael J  Canada
  The Beat 92.5     The Beat 92.5  Canada
  HAAMM TV     HAAMM TV  Canada
  That Shelf     That Shelf  Canada
  Pinoy Tribe     Pinoy Tribe  Canada