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YouTube channels are sorted by number of subscribers they got during the last 24 hours.

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 Rank  Channel | |
  Apple Canada     Apple Canada  Canada
  12voltvids     12voltvids  Canada
  Future Thinkers     Future Thinkers  Canada
  RepsUp100     RepsUp100  Canada
  Crypto Point Hindi     Crypto Point Hindi  Canada
  STEMinine     STEMinine  Canada
  CodingWithMitch     CodingWithMitch  Canada
  Automate Your Life     Automate Your Life  Canada
  0033mer     0033mer  Canada
  Mark Spurrell     Mark Spurrell  Canada
  The Product Lab     The Product Lab  Canada
  The First Layer     The First Layer  Canada
  The 4K Guy - Nature &     The 4K Guy - Nature &  Canada
  vortexsim     vortexsim  Canada
  KLN woods     KLN woods  Canada
  MKme Lab     MKme Lab  Canada
  tesla500     tesla500  Canada
  bigheadtaco     bigheadtaco  Canada
  mattystuntz     mattystuntz  Canada
  QuranLogicScience     QuranLogicScience  Canada
  YourTechGuide     YourTechGuide  Canada
  Timmy Joe PC Tech     Timmy Joe PC Tech  Canada
  YanWest     YanWest  Canada
  ThinkUnBoxing Francais     ThinkUnBoxing Francais  Canada
  How-to Honcho     How-to Honcho  Canada
  engineeringdotcom     engineeringdotcom  Canada
  DigitalAkio     DigitalAkio  Canada
  Singularity Prosperity     Singularity Prosperity  Canada
  Prairie Farm Report     Prairie Farm Report  Canada
  MrAlexanderHwang     MrAlexanderHwang  Canada
  Frivolous Engineering     Frivolous Engineering  Canada
  Kevys Rc & Music     Kevys Rc & Music  Canada
  Shed Show TALK     Shed Show TALK  Canada
  Kevin Riazi     Kevin Riazi  Canada
  Science Techno     Science Techno  Canada
  Peter Oakes     Peter Oakes  Canada
  Dan Gelbart     Dan Gelbart  Canada
  Autoventures     Autoventures  Canada
  Grand Master Level     Grand Master Level  Canada
  Roberto de Farias     Roberto de Farias  Canada
  Curtis Paradis     Curtis Paradis  Canada
  meMiner     meMiner  Canada
  Vistek | Your Visual     Vistek | Your Visual  Canada
  TheDailyScience     TheDailyScience  Canada
  StartUpSurvival     StartUpSurvival  Canada
  Doctorbass     Doctorbass  Canada
  iMDG Tech     iMDG Tech  Canada