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YouTube channels are sorted by number of subscribers they got during the last 24 hours.

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  List King     List King  Canada
  Janice Studies     Janice Studies  Canada
  Alexandra Gater     Alexandra Gater  Canada
  Jasma Fusion Cuisine     Jasma Fusion Cuisine  Canada
  Style Hard     Style Hard  Canada
  opusartsupplies     opusartsupplies  Canada
  Real Nice Guyana     Real Nice Guyana  Canada
  The Home Depot Canada     The Home Depot Canada  Canada
  HowToWeekly     HowToWeekly  Canada
  grumomedia     grumomedia  Canada
  shortcircuits_fitness     shortcircuits_fitness  Canada
  Sarah Types     Sarah Types  Canada
  Toronto Drivers     Toronto Drivers  Canada
  Malaciousauto     Malaciousauto  Canada
  Art by Susan King     Art by Susan King  Canada
  MorganThorneBDSM     MorganThorneBDSM  Canada
  The CLEAR SKIN     The CLEAR SKIN  Canada
  Mapleberry Farm - Off     Mapleberry Farm - Off  Canada
  Taylor Kruger     Taylor Kruger  Canada
  Mari Clarke     Mari Clarke  Canada
  ScrapHappy     ScrapHappy  Canada
  Alberta Bushcrafter     Alberta Bushcrafter  Canada
  snocrushr     snocrushr  Canada
  Jillian Murray     Jillian Murray  Canada
  Mila Victoria     Mila Victoria  Canada
  Alexa Likes     Alexa Likes  Canada
  Inspire To Make     Inspire To Make  Canada
  OurHalfAcreHomestead     OurHalfAcreHomestead  Canada
  gwengwizetc     gwengwizetc  Canada
  notyouraveragenails     notyouraveragenails  Canada
  My Green Closet     My Green Closet  Canada
  Ask Me For A Balloon     Ask Me For A Balloon  Canada
  mellypatrice     mellypatrice  Canada
  Поделки     Поделки  Canada
  Melissa West     Melissa West  Canada
  VideoRevealed     VideoRevealed  Canada
  Making It Easy with Liz     Making It Easy with Liz  Canada
  Samantha Jane     Samantha Jane  Canada
  Chloé Zadori     Chloé Zadori  Canada
  Princess     Princess  Canada
  Simple Little Life     Simple Little Life  Canada
  Leigh Dickson Artistry     Leigh Dickson Artistry  Canada
  Melissa Maker     Melissa Maker  Canada
  creationsceecee     creationsceecee  Canada
  Heather Nicholds     Heather Nicholds  Canada
  There She Goes     There She Goes  Canada
  Coral     Coral  Canada