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 Rank  Channel | |
  Red Bullet     Red Bullet  Netherlands
  Easy 2 Play Guitar     Easy 2 Play Guitar  Netherlands
  Deenis     Deenis  Netherlands
  PKAkatora     PKAkatora  Netherlands
  Top 2000 a gogo     Top 2000 a gogo  Netherlands
  New Level     New Level  Netherlands
  Music Steroidz     Music Steroidz  Netherlands
  Psychokore Underground     Psychokore Underground  Netherlands
  Tyrantinum     Tyrantinum  Netherlands
  Toni Willé Music     Toni Willé Music  Netherlands
  Tronik's Oldschool &     Tronik's Oldschool &  Netherlands
  Herman Finkers     Herman Finkers  Netherlands
  Black Metal Promotion     Black Metal Promotion  Netherlands
  Bliitzit     Bliitzit  Netherlands
  dongo v-city     dongo v-city  Netherlands
  Akkeyz     Akkeyz  Netherlands
  Melodic Deep     Melodic Deep  Netherlands
  jonnie13black     jonnie13black  Netherlands
  HuibertSan     HuibertSan  Netherlands
  Claude Dinge     Claude Dinge  Netherlands
  306Muzik Klip     306Muzik Klip  Netherlands
  Karlijn Langendijk     Karlijn Langendijk  Netherlands
  xSaiyanGoD     xSaiyanGoD  Netherlands
  Sinister Acts     Sinister Acts  Netherlands
  The Lost Soul     The Lost Soul  Netherlands
  Jack Lookermans     Jack Lookermans  Netherlands
  Samantha Steenwijk     Samantha Steenwijk  Netherlands
  Hawa Sira     Hawa Sira  Netherlands
  djophidianofficial     djophidianofficial  Netherlands
  Melvin Thomasson     Melvin Thomasson  Netherlands
  Orange Soul Sessions     Orange Soul Sessions  Netherlands
  Sonny Sinay     Sonny Sinay  Netherlands
  Risq Beats     Risq Beats  Netherlands
  Quentyn     Quentyn  Netherlands
  MYST     MYST  Netherlands
  TKL     TKL  Netherlands
  TheAdjaman     TheAdjaman  Netherlands
  AIRFORCE Festival     AIRFORCE Festival  Netherlands
  Music Cool NL     Music Cool NL  Netherlands
  ChillySounds.     ChillySounds.  Netherlands
  AvariceUntied     AvariceUntied  Netherlands
  Mainstage Music     Mainstage Music  Netherlands
  Bodine     Bodine  Netherlands
  BackstageBastards     BackstageBastards  Netherlands
  Nightbreed     Nightbreed  Netherlands
  DpKmovies Music     DpKmovies Music  Netherlands