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YouTube channels are sorted by number of subscribers they got during the last 24 hours.

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 Rank  Channel | |
  T4rget Gaming     T4rget Gaming  Portugal
  ρяøρz     ρяøρz  Portugal
  TugaAvenger     TugaAvenger  Portugal
  Ruben TEX     Ruben TEX  Portugal
  JudGail YT     JudGail YT  Portugal
  Arganaça Gaming     Arganaça Gaming  Portugal
  Mika Gamer     Mika Gamer  Portugal
  DANI GRAN     DANI GRAN  Portugal
  DarkHero - Monster     DarkHero - Monster  Portugal
  João Melo     João Melo  Portugal
  Guigs     Guigs  Portugal
  Jonboss TV     Jonboss TV  Portugal
  DiMasterFox™     DiMasterFox™  Portugal
  Rodrigo Rudi     Rodrigo Rudi  Portugal
  Bored Of School     Bored Of School  Portugal
  SwagTeam Gaming     SwagTeam Gaming  Portugal
  Shikai     Shikai  Portugal
  Feline Lion     Feline Lion  Portugal
  Pipocarvalho     Pipocarvalho  Portugal
  Classy Simplicity     Classy Simplicity  Portugal
  GridayBlox - Roblox     GridayBlox - Roblox  Portugal
  SirMantela     SirMantela  Portugal
  zubiaks     zubiaks  Portugal
  Cartoon Kids     Cartoon Kids  Portugal
  Cristyan Araújo     Cristyan Araújo  Portugal
  Tiosesamo13     Tiosesamo13  Portugal
  João Barbosa     João Barbosa  Portugal
  Imortal 1982     Imortal 1982  Portugal
  MakarronyGamer     MakarronyGamer  Portugal
  Canal Do Gonça     Canal Do Gonça  Portugal
  LisboKate     LisboKate  Portugal
  Baco     Baco  Portugal
  GalaxyJoker     GalaxyJoker  Portugal
  PedroTim23     PedroTim23  Portugal
  Street     Street  Portugal
  Luis23TV     Luis23TV  Portugal
  Snaizen Effect     Snaizen Effect  Portugal
  GonzaaL     GonzaaL  Portugal
  s1rpent     s1rpent  Portugal
  Tiaguitos     Tiaguitos  Portugal
  Tiago Spartan Beast     Tiago Spartan Beast  Portugal
  TopRed     TopRed  Portugal
  Crazydude-Minecraft     Crazydude-Minecraft  Portugal
  Maxi Conquistas     Maxi Conquistas  Portugal
  Kamoka     Kamoka  Portugal
  PugKanudo     PugKanudo  Portugal