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YouTube channels are sorted by number of subscribers they got during the last 24 hours.

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  KOURØS     KOURØS  Switzerland
  Félix Jouve     Félix Jouve  Switzerland
  Typhoon Cinema     Typhoon Cinema  Switzerland
  veKtik     veKtik  Switzerland
  Sephiron     Sephiron  Switzerland
  GRAPHIAM     GRAPHIAM  Switzerland
  BlizzardID     BlizzardID  Switzerland
  iDeViL360     iDeViL360  Switzerland
  CunyMoDz/RNG     CunyMoDz/RNG  Switzerland
  PaPCartON     PaPCartON  Switzerland
  Mana SWFR     Mana SWFR  Switzerland
  Bentastic     Bentastic  Switzerland
  LordDecimus     LordDecimus  Switzerland
  Daimset Just Dance     Daimset Just Dance  Switzerland
  ORANIC / Colin Flamel     ORANIC / Colin Flamel  Switzerland
  Heisenberch zockt!     Heisenberch zockt!  Switzerland
  Ess Secondo     Ess Secondo  Switzerland
  velko gaming     velko gaming  Switzerland
  Giameni     Giameni  Switzerland
  Meridian     Meridian  Switzerland
  MlxP     MlxP  Switzerland
  Nexxoss Gaming LP     Nexxoss Gaming LP  Switzerland
  Alexie     Alexie  Switzerland
  GeeMeek     GeeMeek  Switzerland
  TheMathCube     TheMathCube  Switzerland
  Best of's von KeysJore     Best of's von KeysJore  Switzerland
  SolEk     SolEk  Switzerland
  FsR-Clanâ„¢     FsR-Clanâ„¢  Switzerland
  xThePunch     xThePunch  Switzerland
  Transport Fever     Transport Fever  Switzerland
  PandaRocknRoll     PandaRocknRoll  Switzerland
  RomAmoR     RomAmoR  Switzerland
  shurko     shurko  Switzerland
  Лудожопый     Лудожопый  Switzerland
  MAXIMUM TOP 10     MAXIMUM TOP 10  Switzerland
  Revo Mods     Revo Mods  Switzerland
  masonroach17     masonroach17  Switzerland
  HalbRahm     HalbRahm  Switzerland
  Play Core     Play Core  Switzerland
  MasterJames     MasterJames  Switzerland
  Lprobin     Lprobin  Switzerland
  Michael Zombies     Michael Zombies  Switzerland
  Dunlop Spider     Dunlop Spider  Switzerland
  Black Stewie     Black Stewie  Switzerland
  اوليفر SY     اوليفر SY  Switzerland
  VanaEvr     VanaEvr  Switzerland
  Ares Gaming     Ares Gaming  Switzerland
  ATLANTIX     ATLANTIX  Switzerland