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YouTube channels are sorted by number of subscribers they got during the last 24 hours.

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 Rank  Channel | |
  Mogi     Mogi  Norway
  Naits     Naits  Norway
  Dunkee     Dunkee  Norway
  AMZPatrick     AMZPatrick  Norway
  Magma Craft     Magma Craft  Norway
  MaxFive     MaxFive  Norway
  LoleriZ     LoleriZ  Norway
  SpringerGaming     SpringerGaming  Norway
  PandA H     PandA H  Norway
  C_BlacKittin     C_BlacKittin  Norway
  Grim - CSGO     Grim - CSGO  Norway
  TheNoohas     TheNoohas  Norway
  OAMP     OAMP  Norway
  Impala Banditos     Impala Banditos  Norway
  Rekzius     Rekzius  Norway
  IAmStrand #199     IAmStrand #199  Norway
  Henwick - Norsk Humor     Henwick - Norsk Humor  Norway
  Katalin Taleent LIVE     Katalin Taleent LIVE  Norway
  YasinVlogs     YasinVlogs  Norway
  Retro Reaktor     Retro Reaktor  Norway
  ArtificialCreations     ArtificialCreations  Norway
  Proxyfox     Proxyfox  Norway
  Finki Boy     Finki Boy  Norway
  Wally177     Wally177  Norway
  Mads V     Mads V  Norway
  Huric     Huric  Norway
  Sirana     Sirana  Norway
  sivrot     sivrot  Norway
  Zhylo     Zhylo  Norway
  Nev     Nev  Norway
  Håkon Jevnesveen     Håkon Jevnesveen  Norway
  Haggis     Haggis  Norway
  GusPlays - Norsk     GusPlays - Norsk  Norway
  Dakota EarthHorn     Dakota EarthHorn  Norway
  The Paxian     The Paxian  Norway
  Markuz Life     Markuz Life  Norway
  Kemit     Kemit  Norway
  Johans     Johans  Norway
  Cactus42     Cactus42  Norway
  Daniel Simen     Daniel Simen  Norway
  Martin Sollie     Martin Sollie  Norway
  GopherLive     GopherLive  Norway
  Araizon     Araizon  Norway
  Valde     Valde  Norway
  Enigma     Enigma  Norway
  Mangs     Mangs  Norway