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YouTube channels are sorted by number of subscribers they got during the last 24 hours.

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 Rank  Channel | |
  Chefstrobel     Chefstrobel  Germany
  Marko     Marko  Germany
  Slag     Slag  Germany
  AmarCODTV     AmarCODTV  Germany
  Braxic     Braxic  Germany
  Lucy     Lucy  Germany
  morangensaft     morangensaft  Germany
  NiklasNeo     NiklasNeo  Germany
  Biertrinker LP     Biertrinker LP  Germany
  PieroGamingTV     PieroGamingTV  Germany
  Mister//ModzZ Germany     Mister//ModzZ Germany  Germany
  Orangepaprika 67     Orangepaprika 67  Germany
  Calvin Playz     Calvin Playz  Germany
  Hunter & Cron -     Hunter & Cron -  Germany
  STYLO     STYLO  Germany
  Adam Tower Mixes     Adam Tower Mixes  Germany
  Woobs     Woobs  Germany
  RustyRocket - Raid     RustyRocket - Raid  Germany
  GamersGlobal     GamersGlobal  Germany
  TurboLibra14 the     TurboLibra14 the  Germany
  heldenhaftig     heldenhaftig  Germany  Germany
  4PlayersTVexklusiv     4PlayersTVexklusiv  Germany
  Die Prototypen     Die Prototypen  Germany
  Raizor     Raizor  Germany
  Aternos     Aternos  Germany
  astragon     astragon  Germany
  Nili_AoE - Age of     Nili_AoE - Age of  Germany
  schauerland     schauerland  Germany
  Entenburg     Entenburg  Germany
  Johnson Racing     Johnson Racing  Germany
  PeaceMrWorld     PeaceMrWorld  Germany
  MickyBlue LIVE     MickyBlue LIVE  Germany
  The P4wnyhof     The P4wnyhof  Germany
  Mailand WorldOfTanks     Mailand WorldOfTanks  Germany
  Aetrix Gaming     Aetrix Gaming  Germany
  Antidot     Antidot  Germany
  Selphy     Selphy  Germany
  AS King     AS King  Germany
  patrickf1gaming     patrickf1gaming  Germany
  Gorobai     Gorobai  Germany
  Snugtoes     Snugtoes  Germany
  Puigui     Puigui  Germany
  Maxo     Maxo  Germany
  L4Bomb4     L4Bomb4  Germany
  Kaben     Kaben  Germany
  NFS Vinyls     NFS Vinyls  Germany
  Kevin l 6k Quit     Kevin l 6k Quit  Germany