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YouTube channels are sorted by number of subscribers they got during the last 24 hours.

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 Rank  Channel | |
  KriiX     KriiX  Italy
  Froz3n     Froz3n  Italy
  Reno     Reno  Italy
  Roma Insa     Roma Insa  Italy
  Dayko     Dayko  Italy
  zAdry96â„¢     zAdry96â„¢  Italy
  xWilly     xWilly  Italy
  SparxTV     SparxTV  Italy
  DoMe     DoMe  Italy
  Sgananzium     Sgananzium  Italy
  Zenk Channel     Zenk Channel  Italy
  Shabarai     Shabarai  Italy
  SonOfGhost !?     SonOfGhost !?  Italy
  Ionut Curiman     Ionut Curiman  Italy
  Fazzottero     Fazzottero  Italy
  Solfieee     Solfieee  Italy
  TheMark     TheMark  Italy
  il Tizio Qualunque     il Tizio Qualunque  Italy
  ArticRunner     ArticRunner  Italy
  TerenasIII     TerenasIII  Italy
  Ferre     Ferre  Italy
  Jolly     Jolly  Italy
  Masarone     Masarone  Italy
  Nero Wolf     Nero Wolf  Italy
  Zenak 2.0     Zenak 2.0  Italy
  Gianandrea Muià     Gianandrea Muià  Italy
  Fr3e Gamingâ„¢     Fr3e Gamingâ„¢  Italy
  BoxyLNC     BoxyLNC  Italy
  QuelTaleAle     QuelTaleAle  Italy
  Appii     Appii  Italy
  lider91     lider91  Italy
  G I O C Λ L I Ξ N     G I O C Λ L I Ξ N  Italy
  Guideconsole     Guideconsole  Italy
  Ulisse1996     Ulisse1996  Italy
  Alex Zi Gaming     Alex Zi Gaming  Italy
  Quelle Cose che nessuno     Quelle Cose che nessuno  Italy
  GTAguidesIta     GTAguidesIta  Italy
  CaptainBlazer     CaptainBlazer  Italy
  ariodb     ariodb  Italy
  ElitGaming     ElitGaming  Italy
  Steriky     Steriky  Italy
  Marcy II     Marcy II  Italy
  ExAequoOfficial     ExAequoOfficial  Italy
  TheRexenShow     TheRexenShow  Italy
  MakaTV     MakaTV  Italy
  TheMuteTroll     TheMuteTroll  Italy
  Rocket 25     Rocket 25  Italy