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YouTube channels are sorted by number of subscribers they got during the last 24 hours.

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 Rank  Channel | |
  KriiX     KriiX  Italy
  Froz3n     Froz3n  Italy
  Reno     Reno  Italy
  Dayko     Dayko  Italy
  Roma Insa     Roma Insa  Italy
  Zenk Channel     Zenk Channel  Italy
  Sgananzium     Sgananzium  Italy
  zAdry96™     zAdry96™  Italy
  SparxTV     SparxTV  Italy
  DoMe     DoMe  Italy
  xWilly     xWilly  Italy
  SonOfGhost !?     SonOfGhost !?  Italy
  Shabarai     Shabarai  Italy
  Ionut Curiman     Ionut Curiman  Italy
  The Gu.Pi.     The Gu.Pi.  Italy
  Simoo TM     Simoo TM  Italy  Italy
  Giò & Gigi     Giò & Gigi  Italy
  ValeTM HD     ValeTM HD  Italy
  BrakeTheGame     BrakeTheGame  Italy
  Jred     Jred  Italy
  Gold Starava     Gold Starava  Italy
  Vita     Vita  Italy
  Qtbear - English     Qtbear - English  Italy
  xX Tiger     xX Tiger  Italy
  FoyerCraft Team     FoyerCraft Team  Italy
  L&M Gamers     L&M Gamers  Italy
  WANT3D     WANT3D  Italy
  Omicron     Omicron  Italy
  Daniele Bassolino     Daniele Bassolino  Italy
  Karmi     Karmi  Italy
  king 09075     king 09075  Italy
  White Cat-Box     White Cat-Box  Italy
  IlCeGamer     IlCeGamer  Italy
  BORNA.     BORNA.  Italy
  Ultramito     Ultramito  Italy
  ALAN 27     ALAN 27  Italy
  Z3rO_Aiden     Z3rO_Aiden  Italy
  Toni     Toni  Italy
  Praying Mantis     Praying Mantis  Italy
  Team eSports Revolution     Team eSports Revolution  Italy
  TheVincenzoStudios     TheVincenzoStudios  Italy
  Tekniro     Tekniro  Italy
  Deviluke _     Deviluke _  Italy
  Themasterplayer182     Themasterplayer182  Italy
  Skul's World     Skul's World  Italy
  DravenNHK     DravenNHK  Italy