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YouTube channels are sorted by number of subscribers they got during the last 24 hours.

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  Meridiana Notizie     Meridiana Notizie  Italy
  Antenna Sud     Antenna Sud  Italy
  AMnotizieVideo     AMnotizieVideo  Italy  Italy
  ministerodifesa     ministerodifesa  Italy
  M H     M H  Italy
  INPS - Canale ufficiale     INPS - Canale ufficiale  Italy
  Gianluigi Paragone     Gianluigi Paragone  Italy
  维辰财经【官方频道 欢迎订阅】     维辰财经【官方频道 欢迎订阅】  Italy
  telebrindisitv     telebrindisitv  Italy
  Martigli Channel TV     Martigli Channel TV  Italy
  CapoSudTelevision     CapoSudTelevision  Italy
  Rete55     Rete55  Italy
  Antonio Procacci     Antonio Procacci  Italy
  Aldo Primicerio     Aldo Primicerio  Italy
  fance99     fance99  Italy
  Pupia News     Pupia News  Italy
  Luca Donadel     Luca Donadel  Italy
  giuseppe melchiorre     giuseppe melchiorre  Italy
  Otto Channel     Otto Channel  Italy
  ANSA     ANSA  Italy
  International     International  Italy
  Fritto misto DP     Fritto misto DP  Italy
  SenatoItaliano     SenatoItaliano  Italy
  Sabina Guzzanti     Sabina Guzzanti  Italy
  Eugenio Benetazzo     Eugenio Benetazzo  Italy
  Muovere Le Idee     Muovere Le Idee  Italy
  Gambia News Today     Gambia News Today  Italy
  Blitz Tv     Blitz Tv  Italy
  Il Mattino     Il Mattino  Italy
  antennatre     antennatre  Italy
  NostosTV     NostosTV  Italy