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YouTube channels are sorted by number of subscribers they got during the last 24 hours.

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 Rank  Channel | |
  Dhruv Rathee     Dhruv Rathee  Germany
  MeydanTV     MeydanTV  Germany
  BILD     BILD  Germany
  DW English     DW English  Germany
  DW Türkçe     DW Türkçe  Germany
  Голос Европы     Голос Европы  Germany
  Ruptly     Ruptly  Germany
  ARD     ARD  Germany
  tagesschau     tagesschau  Germany
  spiegeltv     spiegeltv  Germany
  SchrangTV     SchrangTV  Germany
  DW Deutsch     DW Deutsch  Germany
  WELT     WELT  Germany
  NuoViso.TV     NuoViso.TV  Germany
  Wetternet     Wetternet  Germany
  Kanal 1 Az     Kanal 1 Az  Germany
  UbB     UbB  Germany
  Голос Германии     Голос Германии  Germany
  DeutscherHanfverband     DeutscherHanfverband  Germany
  ZDF wiso     ZDF wiso  Germany
  fadi de     fadi de  Germany  Germany
  HamamTimesTV     HamamTimesTV  Germany
  ExoMagazinTV     ExoMagazinTV  Germany
  hrfernsehen     hrfernsehen  Germany
  phoenix     phoenix  Germany
  biolnternet     biolnternet  Germany
  News Prime     News Prime  Germany
  Neue Horizonte     Neue Horizonte  Germany  Germany
  Für Gerechtigkeit     Für Gerechtigkeit  Germany
  Tamilidea     Tamilidea  Germany
  Freie Propaganda     Freie Propaganda  Germany
  Vape Scene     Vape Scene  Germany
  WetterOnline     WetterOnline  Germany
  WIM - Wirtschaft,     WIM - Wirtschaft,  Germany
  Börse Stuttgart     Börse Stuttgart  Germany
  Evenord-Bank eG-KG     Evenord-Bank eG-KG  Germany
  Wideangle Talkshow     Wideangle Talkshow  Germany
  SeeGespräche     SeeGespräche  Germany
  DerMicha     DerMicha  Germany
  ZAPP - Das     ZAPP - Das  Germany
  Quasir Alternative     Quasir Alternative  Germany
  اللجوء في المانيا     اللجوء في المانيا  Germany
  Radio Hamburg     Radio Hamburg  Germany
  NachDenkSeiten     NachDenkSeiten  Germany
  قناة اليوم     قناة اليوم  Germany
  Einsatz-Report24     Einsatz-Report24  Germany