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YouTube channels are sorted by number of subscribers they got during the last 24 hours.

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 Rank  Channel | |
  HANDAL     HANDAL  Malaysia
  Samir Ali     Samir Ali  Malaysia
  Matdonq_ri     Matdonq_ri  Malaysia
  Total News BD     Total News BD  Malaysia
  百格 Pocketimes     百格 Pocketimes  Malaysia
  Sinar TV     Sinar TV  Malaysia
  Video BNBBC     Video BNBBC  Malaysia
  The Edge TV     The Edge TV  Malaysia
  terengganukini     terengganukini  Malaysia
  【熱點新聞     【熱點新聞  Malaysia
  CITYPlus FM     CITYPlus FM  Malaysia
  Haji Hashim Omar     Haji Hashim Omar  Malaysia
  BNTV     BNTV  Malaysia
  Metronews KL     Metronews KL  Malaysia
  FunTubeForAll     FunTubeForAll  Malaysia
  WTF PUBG     WTF PUBG  Malaysia
  一站式新闻 All in     一站式新闻 All in  Malaysia
  TV1 CHANNEL Malaysia     TV1 CHANNEL Malaysia  Malaysia
  Hefazote Islam     Hefazote Islam  Malaysia
  Shirou     Shirou  Malaysia
  Pisang Goreng Panas     Pisang Goreng Panas  Malaysia
  IR TV NEWS     IR TV NEWS  Malaysia
  Chiaro Production     Chiaro Production  Malaysia
  Gaming Crime MY     Gaming Crime MY  Malaysia
  TV Pertiwi     TV Pertiwi  Malaysia
  Malaysia Update     Malaysia Update  Malaysia
  Buana Studio     Buana Studio  Malaysia