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YouTube channels are sorted by number of subscribers they got during the last 24 hours.

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 Rank  Channel | |
  Sami Abraham     Sami Abraham  Pakistan
  Swat News     Swat News  Pakistan
  Siddique Jaan     Siddique Jaan  Pakistan
  Trending News Pakistan     Trending News Pakistan  Pakistan
  Pakistan Defence     Pakistan Defence  Pakistan
  Asif Ali 110     Asif Ali 110  Pakistan
  kpk Alert News     kpk Alert News  Pakistan
  World News View     World News View  Pakistan
  Shazeena Bibi     Shazeena Bibi  Pakistan
  REDBOX TV     REDBOX TV  Pakistan
  News Gup shup Adil     News Gup shup Adil  Pakistan
  World News HD     World News HD  Pakistan
  Pak News 91     Pak News 91  Pakistan
  Mehr Sher     Mehr Sher  Pakistan
  Rwp Hub     Rwp Hub  Pakistan
  Today Trending News     Today Trending News  Pakistan
  Pak Force Tv     Pak Force Tv  Pakistan
  News Pakistan     News Pakistan  Pakistan
  Spider News     Spider News  Pakistan
  HaQAiq Tv101     HaQAiq Tv101  Pakistan
  ALi Yazdan TV     ALi Yazdan TV  Pakistan
  ARY News     ARY News  Pakistan
  9inetv Urdu     9inetv Urdu  Pakistan
  Aaqa Ka Ghulam     Aaqa Ka Ghulam  Pakistan
  Desi Geeks     Desi Geeks  Pakistan
  Apna Pakistan     Apna Pakistan  Pakistan
  PK News     PK News  Pakistan
  KPZ123     KPZ123  Pakistan
  Victorious Tuber     Victorious Tuber  Pakistan
  videos addict     videos addict  Pakistan
  AB Top tv     AB Top tv  Pakistan
  Laiba Entertain Tv     Laiba Entertain Tv  Pakistan
  Islamic Tv     Islamic Tv  Pakistan
  Dr Farhan Virk     Dr Farhan Virk  Pakistan
  meer ahmed     meer ahmed  Pakistan
  AQS Live     AQS Live  Pakistan
  Mitti Fied     Mitti Fied  Pakistan
  News Portal     News Portal  Pakistan
  Kabbadi Asia     Kabbadi Asia  Pakistan
  PTI Official     PTI Official  Pakistan
  Top Pakistani Tv Shows     Top Pakistani Tv Shows  Pakistan
  BTghazwa     BTghazwa  Pakistan
  Amir Mukhtiar     Amir Mukhtiar  Pakistan
  GreaterPakistan     GreaterPakistan  Pakistan
  Rozetv Pakistan     Rozetv Pakistan  Pakistan
  Maloomat Ki Dunya     Maloomat Ki Dunya  Pakistan
  Urdu News Diary     Urdu News Diary  Pakistan