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YouTube channels are sorted by number of subscribers they got during the last 24 hours.

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 Rank  Channel | |
  Bagong Lipunan     Bagong Lipunan  Philippines
  DZMM     DZMM  Philippines
  President Rodrigo     President Rodrigo  Philippines
  The OBSERVER     The OBSERVER  Philippines
  Manila Bulletin Online     Manila Bulletin Online  Philippines
  update defense     update defense  Philippines
  Bloomberg TV     Bloomberg TV  Philippines
  Ramil Edrada Espina     Ramil Edrada Espina  Philippines
  Balitang Unang Sigaw     Balitang Unang Sigaw  Philippines
  Philippines Videos     Philippines Videos  Philippines
  Pinoy Ambisyoso     Pinoy Ambisyoso  Philippines
  PhTrends     PhTrends  Philippines
  Unsung Hero     Unsung Hero  Philippines
  Original kean     Original kean  Philippines
  mapag mahal     mapag mahal  Philippines
  DailyFunVideo     DailyFunVideo  Philippines
  TV5 InterAksyon     TV5 InterAksyon  Philippines
  PolitikoTV Channel     PolitikoTV Channel  Philippines
  LAPID FIRE ni Percy     LAPID FIRE ni Percy  Philippines
  Binibining Makata     Binibining Makata  Philippines
  Lupang Hinirang     Lupang Hinirang  Philippines