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YouTube channels are sorted by number of subscribers they got during the last 24 hours.

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 Rank  Channel | |
  DOGsTV     DOGsTV  Germany
  Tiggi#love     Tiggi#love  Germany
  Ratzenbande     Ratzenbande  Germany
  MeGeorgeSand     MeGeorgeSand  Germany
  Pupthisshit -     Pupthisshit -  Germany
  Cityhunde     Cityhunde  Germany
  SavannahCatTV     SavannahCatTV  Germany
  Cheeky Little Monster     Cheeky Little Monster  Germany
  Fifemi Nuri     Fifemi Nuri  Germany
  Teddy & Smokey     Teddy & Smokey  Germany
  Oase     Oase  Germany
  fellengel-in-not     fellengel-in-not  Germany
  Pfotenretter Ungarn     Pfotenretter Ungarn  Germany
  katze kitten kater     katze kitten kater  Germany
  CV Ponyfarm     CV Ponyfarm  Germany
  kleinerCocker     kleinerCocker  Germany
  Hanfhund     Hanfhund  Germany
  Rainer Auer     Rainer Auer  Germany
  GoPro Cat & Dog Videos     GoPro Cat & Dog Videos  Germany
  Team HNB Zentrum     Team HNB Zentrum  Germany
  Lolindy     Lolindy  Germany
  Hundesalon Mußielda     Hundesalon Mußielda  Germany
  Hundeschule     Hundeschule  Germany
  Australian Shepherds     Australian Shepherds  Germany
  Mein Haustier     Mein Haustier  Germany
  Bienen-Baum-Gut     Bienen-Baum-Gut  Germany
  Living with Akitas -     Living with Akitas -  Germany
  Hundepilot     Hundepilot  Germany
  ArankaSpizz     ArankaSpizz  Germany
  Abenteuer Leben     Abenteuer Leben  Germany
  OMA - Old Man     OMA - Old Man  Germany
  Peter     Peter  Germany
  Uncle Grandpa     Uncle Grandpa  Germany
  Hektor the german Boxer     Hektor the german Boxer  Germany
  Viadra     Viadra  Germany
  Training aus Hundesicht     Training aus Hundesicht  Germany
  saving-dogs e.V.     saving-dogs e.V.  Germany
  Mani Mampffred     Mani Mampffred  Germany
  EpicVideo7511     EpicVideo7511  Germany
  Mr. Flip the Cat     Mr. Flip the Cat  Germany
  Holger Dunkelsonne     Holger Dunkelsonne  Germany
  EquiCani     EquiCani  Germany
  Funny Nature     Funny Nature  Germany
  Traveler's Garden - Der     Traveler's Garden - Der  Germany
  Briard Elmo - Berger de     Briard Elmo - Berger de  Germany
  Happy Crazy Dogs     Happy Crazy Dogs  Germany
  tierpflanzeninfo - Aus     tierpflanzeninfo - Aus  Germany