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YouTube channels are sorted by number of subscribers they got during the last 24 hours.

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  Kurzgesagt – In a     Kurzgesagt – In a  Germany
  BonBi KidsTV     BonBi KidsTV  Germany
  DW Documentary     DW Documentary  Germany
  DW Documental     DW Documental  Germany
  ProgrammingKnowledge     ProgrammingKnowledge  Germany
  Wisdom for Dominion     Wisdom for Dominion  Germany
  Lehrerschmidt     Lehrerschmidt  Germany
  GEDANKENtanken     GEDANKENtanken  Germany
  World War Two     World War Two  Germany
  MaroWeltShow     MaroWeltShow  Germany
  Spass für Kinder     Spass für Kinder  Germany
  Finanzfluss     Finanzfluss  Germany
  KinderKlubTV     KinderKlubTV  Germany
  Learn German     Learn German  Germany
  Zeichnen und Ausmalen     Zeichnen und Ausmalen  Germany
  Easy German     Easy German  Germany
  Mathe by Daniel Jung     Mathe by Daniel Jung  Germany
  LittleBabyBum ® Deutsch     LittleBabyBum ® Deutsch  Germany
  Erschaffedichneu     Erschaffedichneu  Germany
  Khaled Bozan     Khaled Bozan  Germany
  Kids Tv Deutschland -     Kids Tv Deutschland -  Germany
  Kenhub - Learn Human     Kenhub - Learn Human  Germany
  مطبخ ماما زهور Cuisine     مطبخ ماما زهور Cuisine  Germany
  TheSimpleMaths     TheSimpleMaths  Germany
  musstewissen Geschichte     musstewissen Geschichte  Germany
  Welt im Wandel.TV     Welt im Wandel.TV  Germany
  Bebe B     Bebe B  Germany
  tomatolix     tomatolix  Germany
  M1Molter - Der     M1Molter - Der  Germany
  Learn German with Anja     Learn German with Anja  Germany
  jungsfragen     jungsfragen  Germany
  KhAnubis     KhAnubis  Germany
  Deutsch lernen mit der     Deutsch lernen mit der  Germany
  Flirt-Forschung     Flirt-Forschung  Germany
  Bedside Stories     Bedside Stories  Germany
  TheSimpleBiology     TheSimpleBiology  Germany
  Mr.Yasin     Mr.Yasin  Germany
  TheSimpleEconomics     TheSimpleEconomics  Germany
  Logical Lemon     Logical Lemon  Germany
  Rational Believer     Rational Believer  Germany
  StudyFirstInfo     StudyFirstInfo  Germany
  TheSimpleChemics     TheSimpleChemics  Germany
  100SekundenPhysik     100SekundenPhysik  Germany
  DorFuchs     DorFuchs  Germany
  DerMaler     DerMaler  Germany
  Khursheed Rajput     Khursheed Rajput  Germany
  TheSimplePhysics     TheSimplePhysics  Germany
  Teleguen - - -     Teleguen - - -  Germany