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YouTube channels are sorted by number of subscribers they got during the last 24 hours.

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 Rank  Channel | |
  i FOoder     i FOoder  Singapore
  David Nepali     David Nepali  Singapore
  Leong Yu Hin Leong     Leong Yu Hin Leong  Singapore
  Estell rie     Estell rie  Singapore
  Till Eternity Gaming     Till Eternity Gaming  Singapore
  Simon Tay     Simon Tay  Singapore
  Cyanite     Cyanite  Singapore
  Hypocritical     Hypocritical  Singapore
  Saofiqlord     Saofiqlord  Singapore
  erufatfat     erufatfat  Singapore
  tokaku     tokaku  Singapore
  Jeanne Jovee     Jeanne Jovee  Singapore
  Isaac Thow     Isaac Thow  Singapore
  Squashy Boy     Squashy Boy  Singapore
  Riley Romans     Riley Romans  Singapore
  Shepherd Quek     Shepherd Quek  Singapore
  Jimsplosions     Jimsplosions  Singapore
  CJ800     CJ800  Singapore
  BadgeFindersHD     BadgeFindersHD  Singapore
  Pianist7137     Pianist7137  Singapore
  Game Hunter     Game Hunter  Singapore
  查爾斯     查爾斯  Singapore
  Bibi Pew     Bibi Pew  Singapore
  Official Sky Wee Gaming     Official Sky Wee Gaming  Singapore
  Aaron Yxy     Aaron Yxy  Singapore
  EVENTSniperMontages     EVENTSniperMontages  Singapore
  Kian     Kian  Singapore
  Bushiroad Official     Bushiroad Official  Singapore
  Sdab Chomreang Lyrics     Sdab Chomreang Lyrics  Singapore
  Mr Free     Mr Free  Singapore
  Afeef VEVO HD     Afeef VEVO HD  Singapore
  Calon Gamer     Calon Gamer  Singapore
  Viral Animals     Viral Animals  Singapore
  Vi Sal     Vi Sal  Singapore
  Thai Movies     Thai Movies  Singapore
  dcyx     dcyx  Singapore
  MOBA Loon     MOBA Loon  Singapore
  Kingsley •ᴥ•     Kingsley •ᴥ•  Singapore
  Kon Khmer     Kon Khmer  Singapore
  Mr Satya 4U Official     Mr Satya 4U Official  Singapore
  Jeremy Tan     Jeremy Tan  Singapore
  Melfchuah     Melfchuah  Singapore
  Bean The Potato     Bean The Potato  Singapore
  lawn flamingos     lawn flamingos  Singapore
  Casually NERDS     Casually NERDS  Singapore
  Online3 IT     Online3 IT  Singapore