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YouTube channels are sorted by number of subscribers they got during the last 24 hours.

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 Rank  Channel | |
  JCZ     JCZ  Singapore
  Tt Weilin     Tt Weilin  Singapore
  Kitty Cat TRM     Kitty Cat TRM  Singapore
  Zacky The Pianist     Zacky The Pianist  Singapore
  MJWE     MJWE  Singapore
  dhalif     dhalif  Singapore
  Lil'Drago     Lil'Drago  Singapore
  Priscilla Chan     Priscilla Chan  Singapore
  momentsOfLove2     momentsOfLove2  Singapore
  Exuism     Exuism  Singapore
  WarnerMusicSG     WarnerMusicSG  Singapore
  xMileySmiley95     xMileySmiley95  Singapore
  Aisyah Aziz     Aisyah Aziz  Singapore
  Ko Kyaw Oo     Ko Kyaw Oo  Singapore
  Hubert Ng黃宇哲     Hubert Ng黃宇哲  Singapore
  Shankar Rajasekharan     Shankar Rajasekharan  Singapore
  Giwon Kate     Giwon Kate  Singapore
  Stanley Yong     Stanley Yong  Singapore
  Wyz     Wyz  Singapore
  Albert Ng     Albert Ng  Singapore
  Venkyra21     Venkyra21  Singapore
  Syafiq9865     Syafiq9865  Singapore
  NiOkCan     NiOkCan  Singapore
  张一清Yiqing Zhang     张一清Yiqing Zhang  Singapore
  rubikq83rd     rubikq83rd  Singapore
  Blackwings MV     Blackwings MV  Singapore
  Ni Ni Khin Zaw     Ni Ni Khin Zaw  Singapore
  iBangtan 0613     iBangtan 0613  Singapore
  Tonsaay Karaoke Channel     Tonsaay Karaoke Channel  Singapore
  Vc-Music     Vc-Music  Singapore
  Double Film     Double Film  Singapore
  Augy Productions     Augy Productions  Singapore
  Sundari Sathappan     Sundari Sathappan  Singapore
  LEW     LEW  Singapore
  Mrr Nara Melody     Mrr Nara Melody  Singapore
  Crystal S     Crystal S  Singapore
  C.Jason     C.Jason  Singapore
  Deficere X     Deficere X  Singapore
  Mangarest     Mangarest  Singapore
  Home Music     Home Music  Singapore
  Pianology     Pianology  Singapore
  Pleng Touch     Pleng Touch  Singapore
  Make Money Online     Make Money Online  Singapore
  BreakingSolidGround     BreakingSolidGround  Singapore
  Its KrumTime     Its KrumTime  Singapore
  All Kindsa Girls     All Kindsa Girls  Singapore
  Halffeast     Halffeast  Singapore
  Inverted     Inverted  Singapore