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YouTube channels are sorted by number of subscribers they got during the last 24 hours.

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 Rank  Channel | |
  Kovács Barbara     Kovács Barbara  Switzerland
  Medidor AG     Medidor AG  Switzerland
  Swiss Fun Channel     Swiss Fun Channel  Switzerland
  Margaud Liseuse     Margaud Liseuse  Switzerland
  RTS - Radio     RTS - Radio  Switzerland
  RitualeDE     RitualeDE  Switzerland
  Elliot KiD     Elliot KiD  Switzerland
  Ask Switzerland     Ask Switzerland  Switzerland
  GZBKarma     GZBKarma  Switzerland
  GalaxyTV     GalaxyTV  Switzerland
  Mareli     Mareli  Switzerland
  Stefan Büsser     Stefan Büsser  Switzerland
  Pandora Albania     Pandora Albania  Switzerland
  FreshMixes     FreshMixes  Switzerland
  셀빠     셀빠  Switzerland
  Tamil Video24     Tamil Video24  Switzerland
  MadsMoments     MadsMoments  Switzerland
  Special-Works     Special-Works  Switzerland
  SRF 3     SRF 3  Switzerland
  Best of Beans     Best of Beans  Switzerland
  michelle + joachim |     michelle + joachim |  Switzerland
  Awesome BOB Glitchy 4     Awesome BOB Glitchy 4  Switzerland
  Lucía Zaballos     Lucía Zaballos  Switzerland
  Tatko     Tatko  Switzerland
  DerPumpkin     DerPumpkin  Switzerland
  Energy Schweiz     Energy Schweiz  Switzerland
  Oliver Bornhauser     Oliver Bornhauser  Switzerland
  Typhoon Sounds     Typhoon Sounds  Switzerland
  valtonmusic     valtonmusic  Switzerland
  DronePilot     DronePilot  Switzerland
  Joaquin Balaguer Bou     Joaquin Balaguer Bou  Switzerland
  UKK Dance     UKK Dance  Switzerland
  Falco2762     Falco2762  Switzerland
  DieRieder     DieRieder  Switzerland
  Michaël dessine     Michaël dessine  Switzerland
  Qiemo tube     Qiemo tube  Switzerland
  Tarot de Luz     Tarot de Luz  Switzerland
  Luvas Records Official     Luvas Records Official  Switzerland
  Fluna Massawa FM TV     Fluna Massawa FM TV  Switzerland
  Ricky Ryan     Ricky Ryan  Switzerland
  Deno624     Deno624  Switzerland
  barfussriese     barfussriese  Switzerland
  QoQa Suisse     QoQa Suisse  Switzerland
  Shaket Tv     Shaket Tv  Switzerland
  I cook better than your     I cook better than your  Switzerland
  Frank Hänecke     Frank Hänecke  Switzerland