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YouTube channels are sorted by number of subscribers they got during the last 24 hours.

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 Rank  Channel | |
  TIX     TIX  Norway
  Peter Stenseth     Peter Stenseth  Norway
  HumorNorge     HumorNorge  Norway
  Yuutoza     Yuutoza  Norway
  MINIKA     MINIKA  Norway
  Live TV     Live TV  Norway
  Asim Duttaroy     Asim Duttaroy  Norway
  NorwayVids     NorwayVids  Norway
  Zooom Nordic Wild     Zooom Nordic Wild  Norway
  Energy Studio     Energy Studio  Norway
  GravityTV     GravityTV  Norway
  Helén Skogstad     Helén Skogstad  Norway
  cryptodc     cryptodc  Norway
  wolf of fire     wolf of fire  Norway
  Jørgen Kirsebom     Jørgen Kirsebom  Norway
  123tab48     123tab48  Norway
  United Bakeries     United Bakeries  Norway
  HansNature     HansNature  Norway
  Riksteatret     Riksteatret  Norway
  FPV Leif     FPV Leif  Norway
  *Supernova*     *Supernova*  Norway
  fara aria     fara aria  Norway
  Vilde Moltu     Vilde Moltu  Norway
  n0gs Disbee78     n0gs Disbee78  Norway
  PocoLoco TV     PocoLoco TV  Norway
  Nordic Family     Nordic Family  Norway
  Dinskii     Dinskii  Norway
  All in una     All in una  Norway
  ThaleTot     ThaleTot  Norway
  JonieBoi     JonieBoi  Norway
  إعرف أكثر     إعرف أكثر  Norway
  Mala16     Mala16  Norway
  nihonium     nihonium  Norway
  Pudding-TV     Pudding-TV  Norway
  Ida Jacobsen     Ida Jacobsen  Norway
  Scoreback     Scoreback  Norway
  CowGirl Club     CowGirl Club  Norway
  SSG Thomas     SSG Thomas  Norway
  Videosofenty     Videosofenty  Norway
  That Norwegian Guy     That Norwegian Guy  Norway
  Switch Cosplay     Switch Cosplay  Norway
  Trine Weydahl     Trine Weydahl  Norway
  Peder Olai     Peder Olai  Norway
  Rikard Heimen     Rikard Heimen  Norway
  Nails of Norway     Nails of Norway  Norway