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 Rank  Channel | |
  NRK 4ETG     NRK 4ETG  Norway
  FreddyFairhair     FreddyFairhair  Norway
  TheEditerEMH     TheEditerEMH  Norway
  TaPPeliNo     TaPPeliNo  Norway
  Scandinavian Prince     Scandinavian Prince  Norway
  hobbyhumoristen     hobbyhumoristen  Norway
  REMA 1000     REMA 1000  Norway
  Nordern     Nordern  Norway
  Addo Selga Vlogs     Addo Selga Vlogs  Norway
  TheGrimur     TheGrimur  Norway
  Cartman HD     Cartman HD  Norway
  HottieTobby     HottieTobby  Norway
  Dimolicious     Dimolicious  Norway
  KillzGaming     KillzGaming  Norway
  Emilie Lein     Emilie Lein  Norway