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YouTube channels are sorted by number of subscribers they got during the last 24 hours.

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 Rank  Channel | |
  Ruben Vareide     Ruben Vareide  Norway
  PokerDudeOnTube     PokerDudeOnTube  Norway
  zpoil3dbr4t     zpoil3dbr4t  Norway
  Flying Culinary TV     Flying Culinary TV  Norway
  KAIZN     KAIZN  Norway
  _ Joblibo _     _ Joblibo _  Norway
  Kevin jay     Kevin jay  Norway
  Mari Auranaune     Mari Auranaune  Norway
  Splay Norge     Splay Norge  Norway
  adunbee talks     adunbee talks  Norway
  Sky Music     Sky Music  Norway
  Sara Høydahl     Sara Høydahl  Norway
  pellekofficial2     pellekofficial2  Norway
  Levelup Media     Levelup Media  Norway
  Marcus Valeur     Marcus Valeur  Norway
  SandrathBeauty     SandrathBeauty  Norway
  Emilie Paulsen     Emilie Paulsen  Norway
  FikerTube. com     FikerTube. com  Norway
  SophieOgJoakim     SophieOgJoakim  Norway
  LenaRedmo     LenaRedmo  Norway
  Jesus Norway     Jesus Norway  Norway
  Anton S Live     Anton S Live  Norway
  linneabeauty     linneabeauty  Norway
  Isabel Hamre     Isabel Hamre  Norway
  Kim Køste     Kim Køste  Norway
  Ine Undheim     Ine Undheim  Norway
  Tina Mondelia     Tina Mondelia  Norway
  Isabel Raad     Isabel Raad  Norway
  Régis Alexandre     Régis Alexandre  Norway
  Al Jasiira News Somali     Al Jasiira News Somali  Norway
  Ingeborg Elisabeth     Ingeborg Elisabeth  Norway
  Electric Linda     Electric Linda  Norway
  NyeDav     NyeDav  Norway
  Zero Gacha     Zero Gacha  Norway
  maleumf     maleumf  Norway
  Gjerrigknarken     Gjerrigknarken  Norway
  Miriam Lie     Miriam Lie  Norway
  Gilmakeupkurdi     Gilmakeupkurdi  Norway
  Martin Solhaugen     Martin Solhaugen  Norway
  Synne Holthe     Synne Holthe  Norway
  Caroline Berg Eriksen     Caroline Berg Eriksen  Norway
  Machine World     Machine World  Norway
  NORSK - kanal pÃ¥     NORSK - kanal pÃ¥  Norway
  William Lofvendahl     William Lofvendahl  Norway
  Junali`s CookBook     Junali`s CookBook  Norway
  DaHman -     DaHman -  Norway