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YouTube channels are sorted by number of subscribers they got during the last 24 hours.

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  Ruben Vareide     Ruben Vareide  Norway
  KAIZN     KAIZN  Norway
  Flying Culinary TV     Flying Culinary TV  Norway
  zpoil3dbr4t     zpoil3dbr4t  Norway
  PokerDudeOnTube     PokerDudeOnTube  Norway
  Mari Auranaune     Mari Auranaune  Norway
  Kevin jay     Kevin jay  Norway
  _ Joblibo _     _ Joblibo _  Norway
  Bee Wongsrichai     Bee Wongsrichai  Norway
  Travel Pro     Travel Pro  Norway
  Rachel Tay     Rachel Tay  Norway
  Svanevik Workout     Svanevik Workout  Norway
  Emilie Birkeland     Emilie Birkeland  Norway
  Linn Høiås     Linn Høiås  Norway
  Mathilde Walberg     Mathilde Walberg  Norway
  Mahad Abdule     Mahad Abdule  Norway
  Junali`s CookBook     Junali`s CookBook  Norway
  Varlem     Varlem  Norway
  crochettoys     crochettoys  Norway
  Lillian Bigton Nygård     Lillian Bigton Nygård  Norway
  DaHman - دحــمانً     DaHman - دحــمانً  Norway
  William Lofvendahl     William Lofvendahl  Norway
  JJ's Journey     JJ's Journey  Norway
  Martine Lunde     Martine Lunde  Norway
  Kongehuset     Kongehuset  Norway
  Den norske sotozen     Den norske sotozen  Norway
  LinaCam     LinaCam  Norway
  Sarcous     Sarcous  Norway
  Primal     Primal  Norway
  NorDron     NorDron  Norway
  That IBD Vegan     That IBD Vegan  Norway
  hatice     hatice  Norway
  Robert Klausen     Robert Klausen  Norway
  Halla.Helle     Halla.Helle  Norway
  Knitography p4chen     Knitography p4chen  Norway
  لاجئ عبنتظر الوطن     لاجئ عبنتظر الوطن  Norway
  Osterøy Spel- og     Osterøy Spel- og  Norway
  Haill&Knall     Haill&Knall  Norway
  FikerTube. com     FikerTube. com  Norway
  Splay Norge     Splay Norge  Norway
  Ine Undheim     Ine Undheim  Norway
  Kim Køste     Kim Køste  Norway
  Isabel Hamre     Isabel Hamre  Norway
  linneabeauty     linneabeauty  Norway
  Anton S Live     Anton S Live  Norway
  Jesus Norway     Jesus Norway  Norway
  LenaRedmo     LenaRedmo  Norway
  SophieOgJoakim     SophieOgJoakim  Norway