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  Investing for all     Investing for all  Norway
  HeyKids - Barnesanger     HeyKids - Barnesanger  Norway
  Norwegian Teacher -     Norwegian Teacher -  Norway
  NorwegianBushcraft     NorwegianBushcraft  Norway
  Pudding TV - Nursery     Pudding TV - Nursery  Norway
  Танец Живой     Танец Живой  Norway
  Morph314     Morph314  Norway
  Happy Little Babies     Happy Little Babies  Norway
  NorVegan     NorVegan  Norway
  NTNU - University     NTNU - University  Norway
  Witness     Witness  Norway
  FinicKY     FinicKY  Norway
  Ben Ormstad     Ben Ormstad  Norway
  Animated Stats     Animated Stats  Norway
  Last Days Detective     Last Days Detective  Norway