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YouTube channels are sorted by number of subscribers they got during the last 24 hours.

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  Proper Printing     Proper Printing  Netherlands
  CandRfun     CandRfun  Netherlands
  BSS Holland     BSS Holland  Netherlands
  The Things Network     The Things Network  Netherlands
  IBTrade FoodMachines     IBTrade FoodMachines  Netherlands  Netherlands
  Mekes Graphic Machinery     Mekes Graphic Machinery  Netherlands
  Philips     Philips  Netherlands
  EOCheckpoint     EOCheckpoint  Netherlands
  Concept Creator     Concept Creator  Netherlands
  mo jogaming     mo jogaming  Netherlands
  Consumentenbond Video     Consumentenbond Video  Netherlands
  Martijn Wester     Martijn Wester  Netherlands
  Bart     Bart  Netherlands
  Giesbert Nijhuis     Giesbert Nijhuis  Netherlands
  tweakers     tweakers  Netherlands
  Multidomar     Multidomar  Netherlands
  ifactner technical     ifactner technical  Netherlands
  T-Mobile Nederland     T-Mobile Nederland  Netherlands
  DutchTurkish     DutchTurkish  Netherlands
  it's lit     it's lit  Netherlands
  Z Tech     Z Tech  Netherlands
  Windows Expert     Windows Expert  Netherlands
  Dolf Perenti     Dolf Perenti  Netherlands
  Ringtone King     Ringtone King  Netherlands
  Groentechniekhabers     Groentechniekhabers  Netherlands
  ASSA ABLOY Nederland     ASSA ABLOY Nederland  Netherlands
  Nico deFrank     Nico deFrank  Netherlands
  Simple Simulations     Simple Simulations  Netherlands
  Beleef Boskalis     Beleef Boskalis  Netherlands
  Beau - PD9BG     Beau - PD9BG  Netherlands
  Bosma Melktechniek     Bosma Melktechniek  Netherlands
  Maj0r     Maj0r  Netherlands
  b00bytrap     b00bytrap  Netherlands