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YouTube channels are sorted by number of subscribers they got during the last 24 hours.

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  قناة الذكر الكريم     قناة الذكر الكريم  Sweden
  UnivHair Soleil     UnivHair Soleil  Sweden
  Swedwoods     Swedwoods  Sweden
  Emil Hansius     Emil Hansius  Sweden
  Ibratli Hikoya     Ibratli Hikoya  Sweden
  UnivHair Soleil English     UnivHair Soleil English  Sweden
  SaraSongbird     SaraSongbird  Sweden
  Stars Layan     Stars Layan  Sweden
  Linda-Marie Nilsson     Linda-Marie Nilsson  Sweden
  Maja Nilsson     Maja Nilsson  Sweden
  Prince Picasso     Prince Picasso  Sweden
  154     154  Sweden
  Sandra Friberg     Sandra Friberg  Sweden
  Aktiv Skola     Aktiv Skola  Sweden
  Zap     Zap  Sweden
  Paper flowers     Paper flowers  Sweden
  Wira     Wira  Sweden
  idatalksbeauty     idatalksbeauty  Sweden
  Hej Sweden TV     Hej Sweden TV  Sweden
  joud akkad     joud akkad  Sweden
  William Segerdahl     William Segerdahl  Sweden
  Let's Make Action     Let's Make Action  Sweden
  Youness Vlog مغربي في     Youness Vlog مغربي في  Sweden
  Balkanje     Balkanje  Sweden
  Enlighten World     Enlighten World  Sweden
  Lilien Virág     Lilien Virág  Sweden
  Abdalla Al-saud     Abdalla Al-saud  Sweden
  Lidingö stadshus     Lidingö stadshus  Sweden
  News Central - نيوز     News Central - نيوز  Sweden
  Лудожоп Топ     Лудожоп Топ  Sweden
  Jami Poppins     Jami Poppins  Sweden
  Amanda & Joel     Amanda & Joel  Sweden
  Marie Edström     Marie Edström  Sweden
  Food Photography and     Food Photography and  Sweden
  Sandra C     Sandra C  Sweden
  bestofblocket     bestofblocket  Sweden
  Adoonti Allah     Adoonti Allah  Sweden
  Marco Melek     Marco Melek  Sweden
  Lilas TV     Lilas TV  Sweden
  Alexia Kafkaletos     Alexia Kafkaletos  Sweden
  pineapple     pineapple  Sweden
  Em Okänd     Em Okänd  Sweden
  DdMm     DdMm  Sweden
  اكاديميه امجد راضي غضيب     اكاديميه امجد راضي غضيب  Sweden
  Rmsky     Rmsky  Sweden
  Isak Lieback     Isak Lieback  Sweden
  Jacob Papinniemi     Jacob Papinniemi  Sweden
  Cosmic Moon Goddess     Cosmic Moon Goddess  Sweden