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YouTube channels are sorted by number of subscribers they got during the last 24 hours.

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 Rank  Channel | |
  Ibratli Hikoya     Ibratli Hikoya  Sweden
  Swedwoods     Swedwoods  Sweden
  UnivHair Soleil     UnivHair Soleil  Sweden
  Emil Hansius     Emil Hansius  Sweden
  قناة الذكر     قناة الذكر  Sweden
  UnivHair Soleil English     UnivHair Soleil English  Sweden
  SaraSongbird     SaraSongbird  Sweden
  Prince Picasso     Prince Picasso  Sweden
  Linda-Marie Nilsson     Linda-Marie Nilsson  Sweden
  Maja Nilsson     Maja Nilsson  Sweden
  154     154  Sweden
  Stars Layan     Stars Layan  Sweden
  Sandra Friberg     Sandra Friberg  Sweden
  Paper flowers     Paper flowers  Sweden
  Zap     Zap  Sweden
  Aktiv Skola     Aktiv Skola  Sweden
  Wira     Wira  Sweden
  idatalksbeauty     idatalksbeauty  Sweden
  Hej Sweden TV     Hej Sweden TV  Sweden
  Teryos     Teryos  Sweden
  Luddze     Luddze  Sweden
  Falken     Falken  Sweden
  SprÃ¥k för alla     SprÃ¥k för alla  Sweden
  Flax Nyheter     Flax Nyheter  Sweden
  Victor Höglund     Victor Höglund  Sweden
  Yumi     Yumi  Sweden
  Alex Rolfson     Alex Rolfson  Sweden
  Emelie's Outdoor     Emelie's Outdoor  Sweden
  zmashd     zmashd  Sweden
  Angelica Blick     Angelica Blick  Sweden
  Emilia Hult     Emilia Hult  Sweden
  Marcel Jehrlander     Marcel Jehrlander  Sweden
  Clara Holmberg     Clara Holmberg  Sweden
  Josefin Ottosson     Josefin Ottosson  Sweden
  Sleevies     Sleevies  Sweden
  DrivingBro     DrivingBro  Sweden
  Familjen Wikström     Familjen Wikström  Sweden
  sad boys     sad boys  Sweden
  Tigi Vlogs!     Tigi Vlogs!  Sweden
  Linnea and Viola     Linnea and Viola  Sweden
  Queen Of Cups Tarot     Queen Of Cups Tarot  Sweden
  Lovisa Högberg     Lovisa Högberg  Sweden
  Tijana Arsenijevic     Tijana Arsenijevic  Sweden
  Anna & Kristian     Anna & Kristian  Sweden
  BinaHoney     BinaHoney  Sweden
  Sofia Johansson     Sofia Johansson  Sweden
  Linda Edler     Linda Edler  Sweden