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YouTube channels are sorted by number of subscribers they got during the last 24 hours.

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 Rank  Channel | |
  IFK Göteborg     IFK Göteborg  Sweden
  Systrarna Elfstrand     Systrarna Elfstrand  Sweden
  FanTV     FanTV  Sweden
  Sports Life     Sports Life  Sweden
  FloorballToday     FloorballToday  Sweden
  eldhand     eldhand  Sweden
  JB91     JB91  Sweden
  GeneroEdits     GeneroEdits  Sweden
  Steffe Lindman Media     Steffe Lindman Media  Sweden
  MMAnytt.se     MMAnytt.se  Sweden
  Mike Barstarzz     Mike Barstarzz  Sweden
  GrazyBananaTv     GrazyBananaTv  Sweden
  Greyarcher1     Greyarcher1  Sweden
  Eurotalk     Eurotalk  Sweden
  MFFtv     MFFtv  Sweden
  HockeyWebCast     HockeyWebCast  Sweden
  HockeyNews     HockeyNews  Sweden
  JaniPhotoFilm     JaniPhotoFilm  Sweden
  Betsson Sverige     Betsson Sverige  Sweden
  RacketspecialistenTV     RacketspecialistenTV  Sweden
  Jens Burman     Jens Burman  Sweden
  Ana-Maria AMLF     Ana-Maria AMLF  Sweden
  Olof T     Olof T  Sweden