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YouTube channels are sorted by number of subscribers they got during the last 24 hours.

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 Rank  Channel | |
  Tipo Bel Abbes -     Tipo Bel Abbes -  Afghanistan
  EggBoi     EggBoi  Afghanistan
  happy     happy  Afghanistan
  Kabul Plus     Kabul Plus  Afghanistan
  MrP TZ     MrP TZ  Afghanistan
  WATAN HD TV     WATAN HD TV  Afghanistan
  BTS Kim taehyung     BTS Kim taehyung  Afghanistan
  Mahesh Adhikari     Mahesh Adhikari  Afghanistan
  Le Cryptographe     Le Cryptographe  Afghanistan
  Qais Kunduzi     Qais Kunduzi  Afghanistan
  Payame Haq     Payame Haq  Afghanistan
  Абу     Абу  Afghanistan
  EsqueleSquad     EsqueleSquad  Afghanistan
  Dreamfields México     Dreamfields México  Afghanistan
  Drin Is back 1     Drin Is back 1  Afghanistan
  Ali Karimi     Ali Karimi  Afghanistan
  Ahmadzai Mirwais     Ahmadzai Mirwais  Afghanistan
  SHOUT OUT     SHOUT OUT  Afghanistan
  Dappa Theatre     Dappa Theatre  Afghanistan
  Badhon Ahmed     Badhon Ahmed  Afghanistan
  بالمختصر     بالمختصر  Afghanistan
  Antonio Cojocarel     Antonio Cojocarel  Afghanistan