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YouTube channels are sorted by number of subscribers they got during the last 24 hours.

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 Rank  Channel | |
  thictae     thictae  Sweden
  Eva GachaGirl     Eva GachaGirl  Sweden
  Ulpian Films     Ulpian Films  Sweden
  سرگرمی فارسی/Farsi     سرگرمی فارسی/Farsi  Sweden
  Ciroken Cihane     Ciroken Cihane  Sweden
  Peter Persson     Peter Persson  Sweden
  Jaktpuls     Jaktpuls  Sweden
  moon darkeya     moon darkeya  Sweden
  Tirzitis Entertainment     Tirzitis Entertainment  Sweden
  NutGrumpy     NutGrumpy  Sweden
  Linus Almroth     Linus Almroth  Sweden
  Elegant Screenworks     Elegant Screenworks  Sweden
  Sony Pictures Sverige     Sony Pictures Sverige  Sweden
  Atomica Kanal     Atomica Kanal  Sweden
  Emilie Ohly     Emilie Ohly  Sweden
  Elias Carlsson     Elias Carlsson  Sweden
  PrinsenAvEgypten     PrinsenAvEgypten  Sweden
  Aden Hersi     Aden Hersi  Sweden
  Archeryat Studios     Archeryat Studios  Sweden
  Unknown Draw     Unknown Draw  Sweden
  Mohammed Khamis M     Mohammed Khamis M  Sweden
  Johanna Johnson     Johanna Johnson  Sweden
  Jim Sandstén     Jim Sandstén  Sweden
  Lz     Lz  Sweden
  Anders Nowotny     Anders Nowotny  Sweden
  CasaNEgra Officiel     CasaNEgra Officiel  Sweden
  24Framez     24Framez  Sweden
  Treehouse Direct Svensk     Treehouse Direct Svensk  Sweden
  Eveline Berglöw     Eveline Berglöw  Sweden
  Alice Svanberg     Alice Svanberg  Sweden
  Sagutoyas     Sagutoyas  Sweden
  BarnMusik TV.se     BarnMusik TV.se  Sweden
  Daniel Tiger's Kvarter     Daniel Tiger's Kvarter  Sweden
  Katarina Ernö     Katarina Ernö  Sweden
  Statečná autíčka     Statečná autíčka  Sweden
  PootStablook     PootStablook  Sweden
  TJAFS !     TJAFS !  Sweden
  Cute Couples     Cute Couples  Sweden
  melissajulia frohlich     melissajulia frohlich  Sweden
  Henrik Larsson     Henrik Larsson  Sweden
  Oreno Kashi     Oreno Kashi  Sweden
  Lintegrisse     Lintegrisse  Sweden
  Scandi     Scandi  Sweden
  HogisGuy     HogisGuy  Sweden
  ShinRanLove4ever     ShinRanLove4ever  Sweden
  Disney XD Sverige     Disney XD Sverige  Sweden