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YouTube channels are sorted by number of subscribers they got during the last 24 hours.

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 Rank  Channel | |
  Sony Music India     Sony Music India  India
  Wave Music     Wave Music  India
  Worldwide Records     Worldwide Records  India
  Geet MP3     Geet MP3  India
  Desi Music Factory     Desi Music Factory  India
  Unique Funtuzz     Unique Funtuzz  India
  Prem Tripathi     Prem Tripathi  India
  Aditya Music     Aditya Music  India
  Sanam     Sanam  India
  Lahari Music | T-Series     Lahari Music | T-Series  India
  RDC Gujarati     RDC Gujarati  India
  hamaarbhojpuri     hamaarbhojpuri  India
  RDC Rajasthani     RDC Rajasthani  India
  Ambey Bhakti     Ambey Bhakti  India
  Wave Music - Bhakti     Wave Music - Bhakti  India
  Trimurti     Trimurti  India
  Jass Records     Jass Records  India
  Shabad Gurbani     Shabad Gurbani  India
  Sonotek Music     Sonotek Music  India
  Wunderbar Studios     Wunderbar Studios  India
  Emiway Bantai     Emiway Bantai  India
  Speed Punjabi     Speed Punjabi  India
  RDC Rajasthani HD     RDC Rajasthani HD  India
  Maina Music     Maina Music  India
  Muzik247     Muzik247  India
  Rajeev Raja     Rajeev Raja  India
  Dino James     Dino James  India
  Tohaar Bhojpuri - तोहार     Tohaar Bhojpuri - तोहार  India
  Malwa Records     Malwa Records  India
  Ram Audio     Ram Audio  India
  Knox Artiste     Knox Artiste  India
  Shivam Grover     Shivam Grover  India
  KanhaiyaCassette     KanhaiyaCassette  India
  Veena Music     Veena Music  India
  Sai Recordds Digital     Sai Recordds Digital  India
  Varsha Tripathi     Varsha Tripathi  India
  Surinder Films     Surinder Films  India
  Armaan Malik     Armaan Malik  India
  Satyajeet Jena Official     Satyajeet Jena Official  India
  Kala Niketan     Kala Niketan  India
  AIDC     AIDC  India
  RCM Bhojpuri Hit     RCM Bhojpuri Hit  India
  Awadhesh Premi Official     Awadhesh Premi Official  India
  DIVINE     DIVINE  India
  Gajendra Verma     Gajendra Verma  India
  MK Studio     MK Studio  India