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YouTube channels are sorted by number of subscribers they got during the last 24 hours.

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 Rank  Channel | |
  Nstens1117     Nstens1117  Ireland
  Donna Taggart Music     Donna Taggart Music  Ireland
  Online Academy of Irish     Online Academy of Irish  Ireland
  Angelo Kelly     Angelo Kelly  Ireland
  Philip Kelly     Philip Kelly  Ireland
  Flynn     Flynn  Ireland
  Aaron Fleming     Aaron Fleming  Ireland
  EDMHouseNetwork     EDMHouseNetwork  Ireland
  Orla Gartland     Orla Gartland  Ireland
  Always Music     Always Music  Ireland
  Angelica S     Angelica S  Ireland
  conor brereton     conor brereton  Ireland
  Tony2016     Tony2016  Ireland
  ben english     ben english  Ireland
  stereosyran kermanshah     stereosyran kermanshah  Ireland
  Ashling Grufferty     Ashling Grufferty  Ireland
  קוסטיה נזדטני     קוסטיה נזדטני  Ireland
  DJ Bounce Official     DJ Bounce Official  Ireland
  promosoundtv     promosoundtv  Ireland
  lucy smizz     lucy smizz  Ireland
  Bianca B.     Bianca B.  Ireland
  TopRankEntertainment     TopRankEntertainment  Ireland
  Celtic Thunder     Celtic Thunder  Ireland
  DuffMcshark80     DuffMcshark80  Ireland
  Ryan O'Shaughnessy     Ryan O'Shaughnessy  Ireland
  Musicmaker     Musicmaker  Ireland
  M. Máire Ní     M. Máire Ní  Ireland
  Lorcan Ward     Lorcan Ward  Ireland
  Future Haven     Future Haven  Ireland
  Fabia Marsella     Fabia Marsella  Ireland
  Colm McGuinness     Colm McGuinness  Ireland
  Sean and Conor Price     Sean and Conor Price  Ireland
  Exhale     Exhale  Ireland
  David Dockery     David Dockery  Ireland
  Kitty Pow     Kitty Pow  Ireland