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YouTube channels are sorted by number of subscribers they got during the last 24 hours.

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 Rank  Channel | |
  Milan Newar     Milan Newar  Nepal
  Trap Nepal     Trap Nepal  Nepal
  Lucent Films     Lucent Films  Nepal
  Paleti Nepalaya     Paleti Nepalaya  Nepal
  Tamang Online TV     Tamang Online TV  Nepal
  K&R Music     K&R Music  Nepal
  Bhupendra Thapa     Bhupendra Thapa  Nepal
  Coolest Om     Coolest Om  Nepal
  NirvanaTV Nepal     NirvanaTV Nepal  Nepal
  Kabiraj Buddha     Kabiraj Buddha  Nepal
  Rohit John Chettri     Rohit John Chettri  Nepal
  Nepathya Official     Nepathya Official  Nepal
  Mayalu Entertainments     Mayalu Entertainments  Nepal
  Hemant Sharma Official     Hemant Sharma Official  Nepal
  Yuma Arts     Yuma Arts  Nepal
  Nepali Guitar lesson     Nepali Guitar lesson  Nepal
  Surshala Music     Surshala Music  Nepal
  Money Affiliated     Money Affiliated  Nepal
  BsChannelNepal1     BsChannelNepal1  Nepal
  Basibiyanlo Music     Basibiyanlo Music  Nepal
  Janaki Tarami Magar     Janaki Tarami Magar  Nepal
  Jujharu Music Pvt.     Jujharu Music Pvt.  Nepal
  Shaligram Entertainment     Shaligram Entertainment  Nepal
  Santu Thapa     Santu Thapa  Nepal
  Little Star Records     Little Star Records  Nepal
  Seto Yeti     Seto Yeti  Nepal
  Sita Kc     Sita Kc  Nepal
  DJ AN     DJ AN  Nepal
  ProNepal Tv     ProNepal Tv  Nepal
  PraBin Xtha     PraBin Xtha  Nepal
  Gharmai Studios     Gharmai Studios  Nepal
  Fem Nepal     Fem Nepal  Nepal
  Kshitiz Shrestha     Kshitiz Shrestha  Nepal
  Musica Music     Musica Music  Nepal
  Fuzz Factory     Fuzz Factory  Nepal
  Nepal Underground     Nepal Underground  Nepal
  Nepali Music     Nepali Music  Nepal
  sushantadh     sushantadh  Nepal
  Dixita Karki     Dixita Karki  Nepal
  Babu Raja     Babu Raja  Nepal
  NK krishna shrestha     NK krishna shrestha  Nepal
  The Movie House Nepal     The Movie House Nepal  Nepal
  Sanjeet Shrestha     Sanjeet Shrestha  Nepal
  suhang limbu     suhang limbu  Nepal
  Lok Sansar     Lok Sansar  Nepal
  Bageshwori Sangeetalaya     Bageshwori Sangeetalaya  Nepal