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YouTube channels are sorted by number of subscribers they got during the last 24 hours.

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  Mustafa MmRq     Mustafa MmRq  Afghanistan
  لفة المملكة     لفة المملكة  Afghanistan
  DD ToonZ     DD ToonZ  Afghanistan
  MBC The Wall     MBC The Wall  Afghanistan
  2019 NIGERIAN Movies     2019 NIGERIAN Movies  Afghanistan
  ARG1880     ARG1880  Afghanistan
  Kannada Full Movies     Kannada Full Movies  Afghanistan
  South Action Movies     South Action Movies  Afghanistan
  Afghanistan     Afghanistan  Afghanistan
  MITRANEWS     MITRANEWS  Afghanistan
  kabulnewstv     kabulnewstv  Afghanistan
  JoK3rSpAiiN     JoK3rSpAiiN  Afghanistan
  TheAmazonsVEVO     TheAmazonsVEVO  Afghanistan
  Eugenia Saysâ„¢     Eugenia Saysâ„¢  Afghanistan
  SL Sanda     SL Sanda  Afghanistan
  SR STUDIO     SR STUDIO  Afghanistan
  Afghan Premier League     Afghan Premier League  Afghanistan
  XeHeart Mods     XeHeart Mods  Afghanistan
  BlnkMnd     BlnkMnd  Afghanistan
  J TECH     J TECH  Afghanistan
  iGunvicted     iGunvicted  Afghanistan
  VOA Dari     VOA Dari  Afghanistan
  Latest Trending Films     Latest Trending Films  Afghanistan
  SMB 뉴스오락 247     SMB 뉴스오락 247  Afghanistan
  Latest Happening movies     Latest Happening movies  Afghanistan
  Shaheen Naikpay     Shaheen Naikpay  Afghanistan
  Ayurved Health Tips 4 U     Ayurved Health Tips 4 U  Afghanistan
  معالي     معالي  Afghanistan
  Qais Ulfat     Qais Ulfat  Afghanistan
  stokens     stokens  Afghanistan
  MrP TZ     MrP TZ  Afghanistan
  Con     Con  Afghanistan
  ghaleb safi     ghaleb safi  Afghanistan
  Holy Quran     Holy Quran  Afghanistan
  Alan Moments     Alan Moments  Afghanistan
  nasratullah samim     nasratullah samim  Afghanistan
  Cool Kid     Cool Kid  Afghanistan
  Resolute Support     Resolute Support  Afghanistan
  Anzoor     Anzoor  Afghanistan
  Aliaman744     Aliaman744  Afghanistan
  Kabul Plus     Kabul Plus  Afghanistan
  Cacananta     Cacananta  Afghanistan
  GH Home Remedies     GH Home Remedies  Afghanistan
  lil boosty     lil boosty  Afghanistan
  KrubiVEVO     KrubiVEVO  Afghanistan
  travisflynn     travisflynn  Afghanistan
  AfghanCinemaOnline     AfghanCinemaOnline  Afghanistan

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