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Hello and Welcome People of all over The World!Relaxing Music is an Universal Language of Enlighted People to Understand the World Around, People Near Them and its a Great Way to Understand our Inner Space. We making the Best of us to Keep this Cozy and Comfortable Place out of Politics, Violence, Gore and Spam! We are above religious, racial and any other disputes.Only Relaxation ! Thanx for Thousands of Good Comments.Thanx for Adding our Videos and Playlists to Favorites. Thanx for Sharing our Works with your Best Friends in Social Media. From Our side We promise to share With You most precious: Best Music, Fine Mood and Brightest Emotions. And of course, we will introduce to you our Best Value - Dear Relaxing Subscribers and Happy Guests of our Channel. --------------------------Have a Perfect Relaxation
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Norway Norway
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$183K - $2.9M 
$849 - $13K 
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 $346 - $5.5K

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